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John Deere offers integrated approach in newest equipment
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John Deere offers integrated approach in newest equipment

BONDURANT, Iowa – For farms that need bigger, better and faster operations, John Deere has released their Model Year (MY) 2022 equipment series to meet those needs.

Five products were recently introduced at an ag media event at the Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) test farm near Bondurant, Iowa (about 15 miles northeast of Des Moines).

The products included the John Deere 9 Series tractors; John Deere 8 Series tractors; John Deere 400 Series and 600 Series sprayers; Hagie sprayers; and John Deere planters.

John Deere specialists explained that these huge pieces of equipment are set up for easy connectivity from the operator to advisors that may be located miles away. The cabs in the tractors and the sprayers are very similar, so the operator can feel as comfortable driving one as the other.

The MY22 John Deere planter is paired with an 8RX tractor as an “evolutionary planting solution.”

“What I really want you to know is that now we are integrated – the new cabs and all. It really makes it easy for operators that have a full Deere fleet in their operation,” said Kaylene Ballesteros, product marketing manager for See & Spray Technology.

“An operator can get into a John Deere Hagie sprayer, get into a combine, get into a tractor and really feel like they are in the same cab,” she continued. “That makes it a lot easier user-experience, and from a training perspective – improves and speeds up the learning curve.”

JDLink connectivity, integrated StarFire 6000 GPS receiver, Generation 4 Command Center display are factory installed in all of the equipment that was introduced. AutoTrac is installed in the tractors and sprayers.

The similarities in the John Deere lineup aren’t limited to digital/computer technologies either.

John Deere is offering similar cab designs in their newest farming equipment. Some of those features include large captain’s chairs with more headroom, a good-size trainer’s seat, and many all-day comforts.

Tractor and planter pair

John Deere is offering the industry’s first factory-installed integrated tractor and planter and liquid fertilizer solution.

For farms that want to plant a lot of corn in a day, the new 8RX tractor is available with two 500-gallon ExactRate tanks that are mounted on the back of the tractor. A new MY22 planter offers 600 gallons of liquid fertilizer capability.

Seed tank capacity is 130 bushels and has been increased 30 percent over previous models. The John Deere 1775NT planter is available with tracks that replace the wheels on the center frame of the planter. This reduces compaction.

“A John Deere ExactRate, fluid-transfer-equipped planter is designed to work seamlessly with 8RX tractors fitted with the ExactRate tractor tanks to provide additional fluid-carrying capacity, and to allow you to apply high rates of nitrogen at planting without sacrificing planting efficiency or increasing soil compaction,” said Kevin Juhl, marketing manager for John Deere.

To plan the planting operation and monitor planting performance, farmers/advisors can use the John Deere Operations Center.

“The Operations Center lets you monitor your farm from anywhere, analyze machine and agronomic data, and share information with your trusted advisors while making decisions,” Juhl said.

See & Spray Technology

Advance spraying technology is now available as an option on John Deere 400 and 600 Series sprayers. See & Spray Select uses camera technology to detect color differentiation in the field. It is ideal for farmers who keep fallow acres.

As the sprayer moves through the field, its cameras detect only green plants within fallow ground and triggers an application on those plants. The cameras can identify plants as small as a quarter-inch in width.

See and Spray Select has a similar hit rate to broadcast spraying while applying 77 percent less herbicide on average.

“Fallow ground spot-spraying is only the beginning of the John Deere See & Spray journey as we help farmers transition from field, to zone, to row, and now to individual plant spraying,” Ballesteros said. “John Deere continues working on future solutions that will meet additional customer needs beyond See & Spray Select.

“These solutions will focus on providing value for both pre- and post-emerge applications in crops such as corn, soybeans and cotton,” she added.

John Deere Days and Demos

Organizers at the media event said equipment will be sent out to dealers so customers can have a chance to use it in their own field conditions.

It’s entirely up to COVID-19 pandemic rules to determine if and when John Deere will introduce equipment at various farm shows this summer.

John Deere promoters encourage farmers to talk with their dealers about any equipment. In addition, there are some awesome YouTube videos of all of the equipment available by simply typing in the name of the series, such as John Deere Series 9 tractors. Other videos of the MY22 lineup will show up next to the YouTube video for additional information.

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