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Mauch highlights goals for NDCGA as president


According to Andrew Mauch, newly-elected NDCGA president, the organization has specific priorities, both nationally and locally, they hope to accomplish.

Andrew Mauch, the newly-elected president for the North Dakota Corn Growers Association (NDCGA), who took over his new position on July 1, says he’s honored and excited to lead the organization.

“I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for (NDCGA) for a while, and to now be able to lead it, with the team we’ve got, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity,” he said. “There are always challenges, but there’s a great reward factor to see things you push for get done.”

Prior to being elected president, Mauch served as vice president for NDCGA, a farmer-led membership organization that advocates for more than 13,000 corn growers in the state, focusing on policy that impacts North Dakota corn producers.

NDCGA, according to Mauch, has specific priorities, both nationally and locally, they hope to accomplish.

“Nationally, the biggest thing is the farm bill,” he said. “We have to try and protect crop insurance and keep the tools we have in place so we can continue to keep farming. Protecting those safety net options that farmers are so dependent on is a big priority for us.”

Also at the top of the list of NDCGA’s national objectives is ethanol.

“We have to try and combat fuel prices with higher blends of ethanol and make it cleaner and better for the environment,” Mauch explained.

On a local level, strengthening infrastructure is of high priority to the organization.

“There are a lot of road and bridge projects we’re trying to advocate for to help strengthen our local infrastructure,” he said. “We want to strengthen that and keep everything moving. That’s big for us.”

Looking to the future, Mauch says NDCGA is always working to try and be as proactive as they can – always thinking ahead about what’s coming down the pike – even though many issues call for a more reactionary response.

“Much like the weather this spring, things come up last minute to where we’re trying to think outside the box on how we can help farmers with things that come up,” he said. “With late planting this year, we tried to see if we could do something with insurance to push back the planting date for coverage. While that didn’t come to fruition this year, those are the kind of things we have to push for to protect the things we do as farmers.”

Mauch grows corn, soybeans, navy beans and sugarbeets on his farm near Mooreton, N.D., alongside his father and brother. Half of their acres are dedicated to corn.

“This spring was a struggle. It was really wet and cold for such a long time that the fields didn’t dry out and we weren’t able to get soil temps where we wanted,” Mauch explained. “A lot of guys were pushing more than they would have liked because of where we were on the calendar, so we had a lot of crops that were ‘mudded in.’ “It was a trying spring. In general, we’re a month to five weeks behind what I would call ‘normal.’ We need the heat to keep coming to finish this crop and try to make it a good one.”

Now president of NDCGA, Mauch has been involved with the organization for six years. The organization’s presence, especially in Bismarck, is what drew him to get involved.

“I had a neighbor that was on the board before me and we talked a lot about it, and he informed me of all the good things we’re doing,” he said. “It’s been a great experience and everyone has been super accommodating. Everyone has that go-getter mentality and we all have the same goals and direction we want to go. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish as corn growers.”

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