Paplow Harvesting

FORTUNA, N.D. – The Paplow Harvesting crew continued to cover acres in western North Dakota, combining lentils near Fortuna, north a little way from Williston.

“We’re busy doing lentils up here right now, but we still have to combine some spring wheat and durum acres as well,” said Paul Paplow, who mentioned they harvested 25-30 bushels per acre lentils.

Though they hadn’t cut any wheat up near Fortuna yet, the wheat they combined in the Ray and Williston areas came in around 50-60 bushels per acre, a very good crop for the area.

The area wasn’t affected by drought this growing season, though it was a bit drier than normal. Timely rains seemed to help out quite a bit to form a really nice crop.

Paul estimated they would be in the area through mid-September, weather depending.

Once done cutting, the entire crew will leave together before splitting up again for soybean/corn harvest.

“I’ll move back home here to Minnesota when we get done here in North Dakota,” said Paul. “I run part of my crew based out of our home area while dad takes the others to the Brookings, S.D. area.”

He expected an average to above-average crop in South Dakota –  not a “bin-buster” by any means, but from what Paul has been told, it should be a nice one.

The same goes for Minnesota, at least for the areas that weren’t drowned out.

Paul still had one machine back in Montana.

He hoped that the combine and operators would soon finish up and rejoin the crew. It’s not typical for them to have a machine this far into the season still in Montana but cutting chickpeas can take a little longer at times.

“We’re doing a lot of chickpeas this year,” he said. “It was a later crop, so getting them to mature and dry down now. We’re getting to the time of year where that takes a little longer as the weather cools down.”

Paul cuts many different crops during harvest season. and soybeans may be his favorite to harvest.

“They seem to just agree with the combine and we’re able to cover quite a few acres in a short amount of time,” he said.

What’s his least favorite?

“Lentils,” he said emphatically. “There’s a bunch of rocks and they just suck. They seem like they’re more challenging – shorter and hard to cut. There’s nothing about them that’s fun I guess.”