Being a 4-H member of the çhapter, much like other chapters throughout the state, isabout being part of a big agricultural family that cares for and lends a helping hand to each other.

Emma Bock, 13, who lives in rural Belfield, N.D., enjoys being a member of the chapter.

“4-H has been important in my life, giving me confidence and good communication skills,” Bock said, adding she joined 4-H several years ago as a Cloverbud. “I enjoy all the people in 4-H and I have made a lot of friends.”

Bock is a member of the Stark-Billings County 4-H Livestock Judging Team in her age group, and is on the intermediate team for the North Dakota 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl. She also shows animals and does projects at 4-H events.

Their intermediate team recently took first place at the N.D. 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl.

It doesn’t matter to Bock and other 4-H’ers what place they take at shows.

While it is fun and even exciting to show their animals or their other 4-H projects, members enjoy just being with each other, doing projects that make them confident, and making and keeping lifelong friends.

4-H gives youth a foundation of caring for animals and people, for meeting new friends and learning so much about the world. The organization develops citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills.

The N.D. 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl is a newer event for 4-H, and the Stark-Billings County intermediate and junior teams took first place at the recent Quiz Bowl. The senior team also participated and did well.

The Stark-Billings County 4-H chapter has been excelling in 4-H shows thanks to help from their parents, 4-H leaders and Kurt Froelich, the NDSU 4-H and ag Extension agent, as well as their coach.

“The Quiz Bowl contest provides an opportunity for youth enrolled in the North Dakota 4-H Livestock Project to demonstrate their knowledge of animal science and related subject matter in a friendly, yet competitive, setting,” Froelich said.

While 4-H’ers do not need to be in Livestock Judging to participate in the Quiz Bowl, Bock’s team participates in both contests.

“It just happens that the Quiz Bowl is the day after the state Livestock Judging Contest, and most youth that participated in the Quiz Bowl were most likely livestock judgers,” Froelich said.

Bock said her entire team went to Fargo for Livestock Judging. The next day, they participated in the Quiz Bowl. Both events were held in different buildings on the NDSU campus.

“Youth were tested on all food animal livestock species: beef, dairy, swine, goat (dairy and meat), sheep, poultry and rabbit,” Froelich said. “The 4-H’ers also fielded questions about Youth for the Quality and Care of Animals, a national multi-species quality assurance program for youth ages 8-21, with a focus on three core pillars: food safety, animal well-being and character development.”

There are questions that might be asked at the Quiz Bowl that are on the 4-H website, and they are difficult questions.

“In the Quiz Bowl, you have a buzzer that you press if you know the answer,” Bock said. “When we practiced for the competition, we set it up just like that and practiced that way.”

She said her entire team already had a base knowledge of all the animal species because of their work in Livestock Judging.

Froelich added, “Livestock Judging consists of carefully analyzing a group of animals and measuring them against a standard that is commonly accepted as being “ideal.” The N.D. Livestock Quiz Bowl allows youth to demonstrate their knowledge on all food animal species.”

The Livestock Quiz Bowl gives the 4-H teams confidence.

“Being quizzed on any one of a number of questions about different livestock species and knowing the answer gives youth confidence in themselves and their teammates,” Froelich said.

Stark-Billings County will have a fair for 4-H this year, which usually takes place at the NDSU Extension offices or other event centers.

However, due to the coronavirus, the fair this year will take place at the new fairgrounds so the participants can spread out. Usually, only the horse shows take place at the fairgrounds.