Steffes Ribbon Cutting in Litchfield, Minn. for 60 years in business

Steffes Group recently celebrated 60 years in the auction business, at their Litchfield, Minn., location

Steffes Group recently celebrated their 60th anniversary at their Fargo, N.D., Litchfield, Minn., and Mount Pleasant, Iowa, locations.

Since 1960, Steffes has sold everything from the latest combines and tractors, to tillable farm acreage, to hay and livestock. Although their primary focus is ag related, they also regularly sell and are readily able to market an array of assets like construction equipment, large estates, and business holdings.

The company was founded in 1960 by Robert (Bob) Steffes, of Arthur, N.D., who primarily performed farm and livestock auctions. In 1984, the business incorporated and moved all company operations to Fargo.

From then on, the company has experienced a continued growth pattern and an expansion of its service offerings. Steffes now has locations in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa, and three generations of Steffes family members work for the company.

“Sixty years in the business has allowed us to demonstrate trust – the foundation of our business – to those we serve both internally and externally in the company,” said Scott Steffes, Steffes Group president.

Company leaders attribute their success to their long-standing reputation as “consistent performers with core values.”

“These core values are of the utmost importance to the team at Steffes Group, because a company is only as good as its people. Accordingly, we seek to assemble outstanding people who do outstanding things so each can work together to do what they do best. In all endeavors, big and small, we will always be committed to providing our clients and customers outstanding service, professionalism, and most importantly honesty and integrity,” according to the Steffes Group website.

Their brand promise includes the following:

1) Strive every day to be the best.

2) Embrace and drive change.

3) Create fun, enjoyment, and a sense of family in an open-minded environment.

4) Pursue learning and growth.

5) Say what you do and do what you say.

6) Assemble outstanding people who do outstanding things.

7) Provide the right tools for the right job.

8) Under promise and over deliver.

9) Be passionate, determined and humble.

Tell the truth, never lie, even if it's to your own detriment