GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Three sisters who grew up on a farm near Grand Forks, N.D., are starting their own business – Three Farm Daughters, LLP.

The business is based on “good” food from the new wheat variety, GoodWheat.

“We are passionate about ag and farming,” said Mollie Ficocello. “My sisters and I grew up helping on the farm, and we have our own families now.”

Annie Gorder and Grace Lunski are the other sisters that are joining with Ficocello on the business.

“We’re just getting started, but we are excited about it,” Ficocello said.

For the past two years, the sisters’ parents have been growing GoodWheat from Arcadia BioSciences on the family farm.

According to Arcadia, the cultivar was developed as a high-fiber-resistant starch wheat, which digests slowly due to its low glycemic index.

On its website, Arcadia says that the wheat contains up to 94 percent amylose, compared to 25-30 percent amylose in traditional varieties of wheat.

The American Heart Association says eating a fiber-rich diet is associated with better gastrointestinal health and a reduced risk of heart attacks, stroke, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and other problems.

“GoodWheat performed well for our farm. We have been growing it every year and we like it,” Ficocello said.

The sisters enjoy good food and want to provide good, healthy food for their families, as well as others.

“We thought about the benefits of the wheat and wanted to develop delicious food products out of it,” she said.

While they are still in the research and development stage, they are hopeful to be able to bring products made from GoodWheat to consumers soon with their farm-to-table business.

When their business is up and running, it will be located out of Grand Forks.

“We plan to start with one product and sell it online at first,” she said.

Eventually, Three Farm Daughters hopes to sell many wheat products.

“We’re excited to work together on developing good, healthy food products out of GoodWheat,” she concluded.