MINNEAPOLIS – AGI SureTrack, a company out of Archie, Mo., pairs hardware and software tools that help growers and processors succeed.

The ag-tech company provides not only a traceable grain product, but also contracting opportunities for both growers and processors.

Through the use of an AGI SureTrack management solution, growers may be able to break out from selling commodities and move toward selling a higher-value, traceable crop.

This might work especially well for growers who can consistently grow high quality non-GMO crops, food grade crops, barley or other crops used to make alcoholic beverages, or maintain organic certification for the crops they grow.

AGI SureTrack’s parent company is AGI, a leading manufacturer of portable and stationary grain handling, storage and conditioning equipment.

“We look at it (AGI SureTrack products – SureTrack FARM and SureTrack PRO) as a full production-system solution to where we feel we want to be a partner to growers,” said Brett Andricks, director of sales, strategic, for AGI SureTrack. “We want to be a partner to growers and processors and help make a connection between the two, providing traceability at every touch-point, from the seed bag to processor delivery.”

At their booth during the Organic and Non-GMO Forum in Minneapolis, Andricks said that AGI SureTrack products can be “plugged in” as various components within growers’ systems to maintain a high quality product and/or traceability.

The company’s most recent product, SureTrack PRO, is designed for processors with exacting standards for their raw products.

SureTrack Pro enables processors to source grain by specific characteristics, post specific bids to the grower network, schedule and track delivery, and then manage grain once it is delivered and transferred to storage.

“What’s being driven by the consumer is, ‘I want to know what’s in my food,’” he said. “So there’s a lot of traceability and food safety emphasis going on inside the processing facility, but there is a gap in traceability from seed through processor storage – that’s the gap SureTrack PRO fills for a processor.

“Our technology is at the beginning of the traceability process and starts with seed varieties selected by the grower, records all field events during the growth cycle and monitors and manages the quality of grain in storage,” he continued. “All this data is captured before grain reaches a processor.”

Processors purchase a yearly subscription to connect to a network of 3,200 grower participants who subscribe to SureTrack FARM. Grower information is confidential until they choose to accept a contract request from a processor.

SureTrack PRO allows processors to identify and locate grain that meets their specifications based on characteristics like protein, starch, oil or moisture content.

Processors can then contact SureTrack FARM subscribers directly and set up contracts to purchase grain that meets the processor’s specifications.

Growers receive equipment, software and access to SureTrack FARM for an annual subscription fee that is paid after harvest.

Other services and technology available from AGI SureTrack include:

 YieldFax providing over 1.5 million individual field trials to gain insight on selecting the best seed for their needs.

 Soil probes that monitor real-time soil conditions in fields. This helps alert growers to the best time to plant and make the most of applied nutrients.

 Field data manager sensor system for monitoring real-time weather and soil conditions in the fields, as well as rainfall, temperatures, wind speed and growing degree units.

 Automation sensor program that views fan and/or heating activity and automates for energy efficiency. This saves on costs by only running fans, dryers and heaters when productive air is present.

 DryerManager monitors air pressure and the temperature of the dryer and provides grain updates to the grower/processor via email or text.

 Tank Manager provides a running inventory of propane natural gas or diesel and can send automatic refill requests to providers.

 BinManager preserves the quality of grains while achieving optimum moisture levels.

 The Perten 9500 grain analyzer allows growers to test their grain for protein, oil levels, starches, moisture and test weight.

 CashBidManager provides information for the highest and closest markets and then presents the overall best opportunity and MarketManager presents market opportunities.

“We go out and grab all cash bids that are in their area, and we give them three different looks with the best price, the highest price, and the closest market,” Andricks said. “We want to give growers data to make the best decision possible. We want to help drive their profitability, and we do that providing the right solutions for every farm.”

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