Bushel, a software company that connects grain elevators with their growers, and Granular, a digital agronomics platform, have announced a collaboration that will work to streamline farmer’s digital information, minimizing data entry.

Grain elevators across the country use Bushel’s digital platform as a way to make life easier for their growers. Farmers who work with Bushel-powered grain elevators are able to access valuable marketing information, like local grain prices and futures grain prices, using only their smart phones. Additionally, farmers can view scale-tickets digitally and in real-time. They can even choose to sign their contracts digitally using the Bushel software.

Bushel’s software is similar to that of a mobile banking app. Grain elevators use the technology, but present it to growers as a branded tool.

“Bushel’s focus is to create software that strengthens relationships,” said Camille Grade, vice president of marketing for the company.

Granular, on the other hand, serves as the digital arm of Corteva Agriscience. The company strives to put farm management software into the hands of agriculturalists, providing them with the industry insights they need to be successful.

Both companies impart farmers with critical information that can easily be accessed in digital form, but the downfall has been that the technologies don’t interface. Meaning, a farmer must manually key in information from their Bushel app into their Granular app.

“A common piece of feed-back we get is there are lots of disjointed systems out there and it’s up to the grower to make the connection. This partnership is not a solution looking for a problem, but rather a solution that has stemmed from an industry-based problem,” Grade explained.

The fast-paced world of farming often doesn’t leave much extra time at the end of the day and it can be burdensome for producers to have to transfer information between all of their farm-based applications. Innovators at Bushel and Granular were privy to this dilemma and decided to find a way to make things just a little bit easier for farmers.

“Growers can quickly be frustrated by all the technology that is out there. We wanted to find a way to streamline their technology. Our collaboration with Bushel will allow data to flow in a more automated way,” stated Matt Walsh, VP of Grain Marketing for Granular.

Initially, the partnership will allow scale-ticket information to be automatically transferred from a producer’s Bushel-powered grain facility app into their Granular Business farm management system. Scale-ticket information dating back two years will transferable.

The transfer of information between the two apps is completely dependent on the grower’s permission. They can securely choose, or not choose, for information to be shared.

With a beta launch planned for February 2020, both companies agree the automatic transfer of scale-ticket information is just the beginning. Bushel and Granular look forward to continuing to find ways to eliminate the tedious and redundant task of data entry.

Interested growers are simply required to have an active account on a Bushel-powered grain elevator app and an active account with Granular Business. This working Granular Business account should include comprehensively set up fields, equipment, inventory, inventory locations and harvest tasks.

Bushel-powered elevators will not be required to make any changes because of this partnership. Their participation with Bushel alone gives growers the power to access and share information if they so choose.