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Tate Mesbergen is congratulated by a CLAAS crew as he breaks the world record for cutting the most hectares with a triple-mower in an eight-hour timeframe. On July 1, 2018, Mesbergen cut 348.7 acres of alfalfa in eight hours using a DISCO 1100 RC, behind the wheel of their AXION 880 tractor.

OMAHA, Neb. – CLAAS of America recently introduced new products and technology associated with their forage and hay harvesting equipment. This follows a record performance earlier this summer of their triple mower conditioner, the DISCO 1100 RC, in an alfalfa field in Colorado.

On July 1, 2018, Tate Mesbergen of Mesbergen Farms near Greeley, Colo., started mowing alfalfa with his triple mower and exactly eight hours later he stepped out of the tractor cab with a new world record. He had cut a total of 348.7 acres in four different fields and beating the old record by more than 100 acres.

He reached a maximum speed of 19 mph in the field and better than 30 mph on the road between fields. Over the eight-hour period he averaged 43.6 acres per hour.

The prior record was made cutting grass, not alfalfa, with an unconditioned mower, which is a much easier task, according to Andreas Saile, product manager for balers and hay tools. “The DISCO 1100RC has a full-width rubber roller conditioner that puts a crimp on the alfalfa crop for faster hay dry down and maximum leaf retention.”

CLAAS is in the process of submitting paperwork to Guinness to make the record official in the eyes of the world-record-governing body and it usually takes weeks to get an official confirmation.

New technology package for JAGUAR forage harvester – A new on-board technology package has been introduced. The Silage Tech package bundles several on-board components for the JAGUAR forage harvesters which react to changing harvest conditions to produce the greatest quality forage.

The combination of components in this technology package will help make better silage and also save money, all connected to the operator’s preferred system for GPS mapping and steering. It includes a Quantimeter yield sensor to generate yield maps and control inoculant used, automatic chop length to adjust the length of the silage based on moisture, and a highly accurate near-infrared (NIR) moisture sensor.

Haying equipment advancements – The new DISCO 3600 F/FC/FRC MOVE front mower offers improved linkage, better ground contour following, better visibility and compatibility with larger tractors. The mower fives the operator more flexibility from a front mower than ever before and is ideal for professional-grade mowing operations.

The efficient DISCO 3600 C CONTOUR rear mower gets an added tine conditioner, which completes the 3600 series offer with a tine, roller or no conditioner. Central hitching ensures perfect ground-contour following and the 120-degree road transport position makes the machine compact and safe on the road.

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