new holland baler

This New Holland Specialty Crop Plus baler offers moisture management accessories for producers.

By the 2020 haying season, producers will be able to incorporate moisture management into their haying operation with the recently introduced New Holland Specialty Crop Plus round baler. This is a build up of the Roll-Belt 560 round baler and has several add-on features that will allow producers to bale anything from dry hay to material with a higher moisture levels, according to George Rigdon, New Holland’s product marketing manager.

The new product gives farmers the option of dual follower rolls, with one being a spiral roll along with another being a rubber coated spiral back wrap roll. Then, near the bottom side of the tailgate, there are chopping rolls. These different rolls, according to Rigdon, help ensure no crop or debris will accumulate on the rolls or belts. This will eliminate the need for farmers to stop and unplug, but rather keep going at higher moisture conditions.

Moisture sensors have also been added inside the bale chamber, with two in-feed discs having carriage bolts that send an electrical current throughout the bale as it is forming. The moisture content is sensed about every second and is displayed on the Bale Command II plus monitor or on an IntelliView IV monitor that are mounted in the tractor cab.

“We’ve kind of made things more simple and intuitive for the operator, who will be able to change and vary the bale density from inside the tractor,” Rigdon said. “Through the monitor, you have the ability to go in and vary not only the overall bale density, but also the core density of that bale so you can really make a nice package for your livestock operation.”

Higher bale density means more capacity and reduced storage loss.

Once the bale is completed, the monitor will give an average moisture content for that bale and will register from 7-60 percent moisture. Final bale diameter can vary from 36-72 inches with a 61.5 inch bale width. Bale weight can vary from 500 up to 2,500 pounds and the bale density is adjustable from the in-cab monitor to match the forage conditions. The baler features six rolls and eight belts that are seven inches wide.

The pickup on the model 560 is designed to pick up all of the crop from the field surface and move the material into the baler thanks to curved tine pickup teeth.

Production of the New Holland Specialty Crop Plus round baler started in mid-2019 and dealers are now taking orders for delivery early this spring.

More information on this round baler is available at your local New Holland dealer.