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WOODBINE, Iowa – E4 Crop Intelligence, an industry-leading precision ag company, recently announced their 20-year anniversary, celebrating the company’s evolution in the ever-changing landscape of precision agriculture.

Growers across the United States are able to now collect large volumes of data during U.S. agriculture’s “big data” age. The challenges now facing farmers, retailers and farm managers are turning this data into information they can use to make their operations more efficient and profitable.

The E4 Crop Intelligence staff has spent the last 20 years bringing growers the tools and expertise they need to optimize yields in their field, using data from soil tests, field scouting and other methods to formulate customized crop plans. Accompanied by their consultants’ reliable advice and easy-to-use software, they’ve helped growers get the most out of their field.

Consulting process

E4 Crop Intelligence creates custom crop plans using a data structure based on the digital coordinates of individual fields, delivering “crop intelligence” to their customers using three distinct steps:

- Data collection: Data is collected from the field, including soil type, fertility, yield and more. That data is then broken down into the coordinates of individual fields, bringing information to famers.

- Information processing: E4’s system can import data and information from other sources (soil type maps, Google maps, weather), combining this with the collected data to further optimize crop plans.

- Crop intelligence: The analyzation of relevant data brings insights on underlying issues, yield drivers, and issues to anticipate and avoid in the field.


Rooted back to the hills and valleys of western Iowa, E4 Crop Intelligence was founded by Greg Reisz, a native of Woodbine, Iowa, who had an agronomy degree and several years of experience working in what was then the new field of precision agriculture.

The company was originally called E4 Sons, with an initial focus on soil sampling. Once Reisz realized farmers needed to get more out of their data, he began using software from a variety of vendors to generate soil sampling maps and fertility recommendations.

“My customers always appreciated having me walk their fields to provide scouting reports or collect soil samples for testing, but they needed more in terms of getting the most out of their data,” Reisz said.

In search for software systems that he could recommend for his clients, Reisz found that many systems were not compatible with each other and made data management difficult for growers, prompting him to develop his own propriety software that created intuitive workflows and analytics for growers – E4 Crop Intelligence.

20 years later

E4 now delivers independent crop plans to growers across the United States, helping clients review, sort and clean historical data for fact-based decision making. Growers are able to define their budget and risk levels, and E4 experts create tailored fertilizer and seeding prescriptions for their operations.

The company offers crop insurance for those customers interested in risk management, and they also offer other precision ag services such as soil testing, plant tissue testing, in-person crop scouting, aerial applications scheduling, and more.

“E4 has grown so much over the past decade by continuing to push the envelope of what precision agriculture can do for growers,” said Reisz. “We look to continue offering innovative solutions for our customers and bolstering our commitment to our partners everywhere.”


E4 will soon be introducing new agronomic technologies and services, including artificial intelligence. Hand-in-hand with the human component, artificial intelligence will allow E4 to more accurately quantify the data points in the fields. The company is also pursuing new land management services that will be able to help clients manage every acre more effectively.

For more information about E4 Crop Intelligences products or services, please visit their website at www.e4cropintelligence.com.

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