I wonder how everyone is doing with their New Year’s resolutions. I usually try to think of something I should do or avoid doing in the New Year. Many people think losing weight would be a good thing to do. A person can gain a lot of weight from Halloween candy, Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, lutefisk suppers and short daylight hours.

A good resolution for me to make, is to read a book. I know I won’t break that resolution. It is a rare day when I don’t read something as I find reading is so entertaining for me.

My only challenge is to find a good book.

I could make a very long list of good books I have read. I like adventure books, biographies, western stories, Arctic stories, cowboy stories, and just about anything that is informative and interesting.

I have often found myself wishing I was a little slimmer about this time of year and, of course, have tried to find books that would help me look young, slim, and athletic. I have read books on diets, jogging, bike riding, or other self-help books for your health. One of the best books I have ever read is Lies My Doctor Told Me by Dr. Ken Berry. It is important to note that this is not a doctor bashing book as it is written by a reputable doctor.

I like this book because Dr. Berry gives a lot of advice that I like to hear. I like to read that skim milk is not good for you. I have always hated skim milk, but have always enjoyed cream and butter. I have always hated margarine.

When I broke my leg 20 years ago, they checked my blood and told me to take statin drugs for my cholesterol. I refused to take statins and had some arguments with my doctors about it.

I realize now that my broken leg was caused by excessive carbohydrates in my diet. I don’t care if I was 50 years old, that horse would never have bucked me off if I had been 30 pounds lighter.

Since my surgery for a tumor in my eye six years ago and my pacemaker surgery a couple years ago, I have had numerous doctors insist I take statins. I continue to cheerfully refuse to take them. Doctor Berry recommended several books to read about cholesterol and I bought and read all of them. I would not tell anyone to dispute what their doctor tells them, but I do like to read about other ideas.

The book is not about medical advice. It was written to stimulate thought in both doctors and patients. The books Dr. Berry recommends that you read give you insight on inflammation, diabetes, salt, weight loss and other things. It is very easy reading and most of the recommended books are easy reading too.

If you would like good medical advice you should ask a doctor you trust rather than take any advice from me.

I do believe if you read this book and several other books Dr. Berry encourages you to read, you may challenge some of the medical and dietary advice we have heard for many years.