I can still hear my dad say, “One thing about ranching, no matter how bad things get, we still have work we can do.”

I have often thought about the wisdom of those words. I feel for anyone in a big city who finds themselves out of work with nothing to do.

All we hear about lately is the coronavirus pandemic. The poor soul in a big city with no work to do is also advised not to participate in any kind of entertainment venue and avoid close contact with others. Thank God I live in the city of Sims. We seldom have big crowds here at Sims although 22 people did show up for church last Sunday. Since most of us were at the vulnerable age for getting the virus, we didn’t sit close and did elbow bumps instead of shaking hands.

Even though schools are shut down and people are advised to stay home we can still move around this area. Entertainment hasn’t suffered here at Sims. There is no shortage of fun things to do on most days.

Although the lack of snow has curtailed skiing lately there are still opportunities on cold mornings for ice skating where melting snow has made nice ponds.

Bird watching has picked up lately as flocks of geese have been winging by.

We also have great opportunities for horseback riding although spring mud over patchy ice makes it interesting now and then.

If you enjoy shooting, Sims is a great place to live. Just step out the front door and commence fire. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting shotguns, large caliber rifles, or 22 rifles; no one is going to care.

There is no pressure to dress up here at Sims. Any comfortable clothing is acceptable. Those who wear warm enough clothing are looked upon as intelligent. Those that wear their caps backward look like they should have repeated a couple grades.

Shopping is easy here at Sims. Since the last store closed some 73 years ago there is nothing to buy anyway.

I am somewhat of a history buff, so I always enjoy Sims. I often ride up on a hill and try to envision what used to be here. I know where trail herds were corralled and loaded on the train. Basement holes show locations of the largest homes and I know exactly where the three story hotel used to stand. I know where they used to play baseball, where the depot, school and brick factory were located. Old coal mines are easy to spot as cave-ins dot the hillsides. If I sit quietly and shut my eyes tightly I can almost hear the steam engines coming down the tracks.

I am not much of an archeologist but I have found a few Indian head pennies and a few other pre-1900 coins. I never did have a real eye for finding arrowheads but have found a few. You don’t have to find very many arrowheads or coins to keep your interest in looking at the ground.

And if, perchance, you ever get tired of the entertainment available here at Sims, there is always some work you can find to do.