Discussin’ dogs

I have a pair

With dreamy eyes

And silky hair.

They’re not the kind

To just pretend

That I’m their very

Closest friend.

They’re glad to see me

Every morn

If I’m not home

They look forlorn.

As anyone

Can plainly see

Great company.

But I’ll admit

They make me sore

I really wanted

Something more.

I’ve dreamed of cowdogs

Who yearn to please

And round up cows

Or calves with ease.

That do the jobs

That poor dogs hate

Like guard the garden

Or watch a gate.

That keep us safe

From angry critters

One who’s neat

And never litters.

I’d like a dog

Who sounds alarm

When folks drive in

That could cause harm.

That won’t rip garbage

Into shreds

And won’t dig holes

In flower beds.

A dog should never

Make a peep

When coyotes howl

And I need sleep.

A dog need not

Be extra bright

But wish that mine

Did something right.