There are always new fads showing up. In my life I have observed lots of fads in clothing styles, haircuts, jewelry, shoes, and other things. Most fads have been of short duration.

I can remember girls wearing sack dresses and high school boys who had Mohawk haircuts. Nehru shirts were a fad that lasted about two weeks. I do remember one kid at the start of the school year that stocked up on Nehru shirts. He was very proud to be up in style. Not many kids bought Nehru shirts and this kid never grew any more. He was stuck wearing these soon to be out-of-style shirts for the rest of his high school years.

Most fads are started by someone of prominence; a movie star, athlete, or someone of elite status. They trickle down and are adopted by those of lesser importance most of the time.

I was surprised to see Tiger Woods on the news this morning. He was wearing a cap on backwards. He wore his cap with the bill shading his eyes when he became rich and famous knocking golf balls around. I guess he must have decided he wanted to look like all the kids who are trying to look like someone else.

A fad that must have started with the lowest class people has been adopted by the people who feel they are the classiest. One day some years ago women decided they would be more attractive if they wore pants with holes in them. I am baffled by this fad’s longevity.

I wrote a poem about this fad years ago never thinking I could use it very long in my performances, but it seems everyone from British Royalty to the commonest of folks feel this fad makes them look trendy.

Personally, I have ripped up lots of jeans while wearing them but rarely wore them the next day. I hate holes in my pants. I never learned how to patch jeans but the Missus can do a professional job. The Wranglers I am wearing as I write this were patched one day when she was in a hurry with tear mender. Tear Mender may not be quite as nice as a quality sewing job but it keeps the tear from getting larger and fraying out so these jeans will last as work pants for a long time.

The thing about fads that astonishes me is the mindlessness about them. Why do people want to adopt a style that makes no sense? Why not look like someone who is imaginative or creative. Sooner or later a fashion designer will be influenced by a practical-minded person and will make attractive patches look stylish. Brand-new jeans will sport colorful, stunning patches arranged in an artistic manner. You will be able to buy new jeans decorated this way or can glue on made-to-order patches to cover up the holes in your jeans that made you look less than intelligent for years. Smart people will be able to design their own patch patterns.

I would be willing to bet a pair of attractively patched jeans would make many people envious and they will want a pair for themselves.

People wearing these will not only look chic, but smarter next winter.