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The Benefits of Aerial Scouting
Fa rm i n g te c h n o l o g y h as i m p rove d

Remote sensing offers the advantage

satellite imagery was significant over

that fly airplanes over fields for imagery.

For more information, contact your local

dramatically in the recent past. One of

of enabling measurements to be taken

time and would have alerted the farmer

For UAV use, it can be easy to get lost

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the most exciting developments is in the

quickly over a large area, which can

to scout the field. At this time, the use

agronomy at

reveal spatial variation that may not be

of fungicide has an increase of 15 bu/A

and enter into airspace, so be sure to

use of remote sensing and unmanned
aerial vehicles (UAVs). This allows for fast,

apparent via ground-based observation.

over fields that did not have fungicide

affordable and accurate scouting of your

Repeated measurements over time can

applied. Using the UAV and Corteva

crops. Crop imagery works by examining

detect changes in crop condition during

Flight decreased walking fields for stands

the growing season, giving us a new way

counts significantly, and I was able to

U s i n g s a te l l i te i m a g e r y a n d U AV

to judge our agronomic decisions and

cover more acres in less time.

technology will only continue to improve

If you’re planning to use satellite imagery,

and increase over time. Now is a great

the solar radiation reflected by a crop
canopy. While plants vary in their reflectance

use an app that can help you determine

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whether it is safe to launch your UAV in

u p d ates fo r yo u r g e o g ra p hy f ro m

a given area.

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properties, plants suffering some sort

management techniques.

of stress such as drought or nutrient

Using satellite imagery was beneficial

be sure to know what type of satellite

time to learn what options are available

deficiency can have a reflectance pattern

this year when applying fungicide and

imagery is being used, how detailed

and learn how to adopt it on any farming

that differs from that of healthy plants.

leaving a check strip. The change in

it is and how it differs from companies


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Morton, IL

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