A lot of combines started rolling last week. Corn is still 22% to 30%; the yields are all over the board in the field. After talking to some neighbors they are seeing a range from 125 to 240 bu./acre in the same field. Some of the April-planted beans have been combined in this area and they were running about 13%, but I have not yet heard any yields. We started this week out a little wet from a bit of rain over the weekend but it looks sunny for a few days ahead so we can keep rolling. S…

As we move into October we had another rain, around 2.5 inches. Some area farmers gave combing a try. The corn was anywhere from 24% to 30%. The stalk quality is still good and hanging in there. Few farmers were able start cutting their early beans and they are at 12.5%. The rest of us are still patiently waiting and will continue as the ground dries and so do the crops. As harvest has started, as always, stay safe. 

We had a few more rain showers over the weekend. Seed corn harvest is still in full swing. Corn is starting to dry out as the ears begin to drop. From talking to other farmers, we are still around the 30% mark, so we are at least a week to 10 days out still from starting. There are several early-planted bean fields in our area that have the leaves only halfway up the stems now. With the later beans, many fields are turning yellow but still a ways out from being ready. As always, be safe!

Central Illinois got rain over the weekend to help ripen the beans. The projected 80-degree weather this week will help dry the corn down. Haven’t seen any deterioration in corn stalks as of yet. Neighbors have hand-shelled corn and it is between 30-32%. Final cutting of hay is being done in this area. As always, be safe.

Central Illinois received more rain over the weekend. The forecast for this week is back up in the 80s and 90s and will help mature this late crop. Noticing beans that were planted in April are at about 30% yellow. Seed corn production harvest is in full swing. The talk of the farmers around here is it will be after the first of October before harvest begins. Stay safe!

As we look ahead to fall thinking about what the yields could be, we are expecting to see some variability throughout the fields. There are drowned-out spots from excessive amounts of rain this spring then going into a very dry July. Some of the June-planted corn may be hurting more than the May corn. June corn was trying to pollinate in the intense heat of July and was getting no help from Mother Nature. This has been an interesting year, and I’m sure the yields will show that. As alway…

We got more rain over the past week. We have also had cooler temperatures, so what does this mean for the crops? It means they aren’t drying down as quickly and pushes harvest back even further than already expected due to the late planting this spring. Hope many of you got a chance to go to Decatur to the Farm Progress Show to see what our future holds as technology continues to be integrated more and more into our way of farming. As always, be safe! 

This week we got about 2 inches of rain in some areas, although rain was not widespread in Central Illinois. We have been scouting fields and have seen very little disease pressure in crops. We have noticed some corn tipping back and beans are in R5 stage now. Looking ahead, more rain in the forecast and cooler temperatures coming which means adding test weight to the corn and help filling out bean pods. As always, be safe.

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