Warm weather has been the trend for this week in our area. Crops continue to grow fast and are looking great. Corn is starting to get into the reproductive stages in some areas. We’re looking at corn from V8-R1 stage. Beans are in the V3-R1 stage. After too much rain this spring it’s unfortunate to say that now the crops could use little bit of rain. As always, stay safe!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend with friends and family. This past week our area was hit by a surprise storm, and we got 1 to 3 inches of rain. This has been followed by warm weather and crops growing fast. Our corn crop is anywhere from V6 to VT. Soybeans are anywhere from V2 to V4.

Central Illinois had a good week of dry weather and sunshine. Corn continues to grow and is looking good. It’s anywhere from V4 to V10. Soybeans are shooting up as well. Spraying is wrapping up and farmers are starting to sidedress with Y drops now. Road ditches are starting to get mowed. Hope you had a Happy 4th! As always, stay safe.

Another week and more rain in our area. We have a great week ahead according to the forecast. No rain, sunny and warm weather. Corn around here is looking great. We are anywhere from the V2-V9 growth stage. Some area farmers still looking to finish up getting nitrogen on. Beans are all coming along great with them being anywhere from VC-V2 growth stage. As always, stay safe out there!

Another successful week in the fields with sidedressing and spraying. Some soils getting dry from sun and heat. We got 1 inch of rain over the weekend which the no-till beans needed. It’s nice to see the prices moving up, too. Stay safe.

Good week of weather staying sunny and dry made for a good, hard week of field work accomplished. In talking to several area farmers, seems all are getting close to done or done. Others are replanting ponds. Still no time for rest yet as farmers have spraying and side dressing to do. Have a safe week!

We have been seeing a few days of warm, dry weather now over this past weekend. We have rain forecasted for middle of the week, so a few days ahead of hard work and long hours to try to get more crops in the field before Mother Nature shuts us down again. Sounds like a little wetter to the north Central Illinois, but a lot of farmers from Bloomington to Decatur and Lincoln are planting as of now. Be safe out there!

We’ve been hit again with some wet weather; some areas more than others. Crops are starting to emerge from the ground with the rain and then warm weather. What crops are in and emerging look good, but the forecast doesn’t look too great for next week. This Memorial Day weekend, we honor our military and thank them for their service: the ones who have served, the ones now serving our country and those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

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