Great growing week for us. The soybeans are getting big and filled with pods; they are over waist high. I walked into the corn and the ears are looking great. The hay farmers are busy playing catch up with all the big rains we have had. We are good on moisture, that’s for sure. More rain in the forecast for next week. Stay safe everyone.

Another week of rainfall for us, some parts with over 4 inches. I never would have thought that when we planted our first corn on April 10 and being in the ground for over three weeks that it would have turned out the way it has. I suppose record rainfall in July would be to blame. The later corn is coming along great as well. The bean crop also looks good for us. Looks like the rains will continue into next week as well. Stay safe everyone.

I cannot remember when we had this much rain for July. Our totals this week ranged from 3 to 5 inches across our fields. The rain has finished out the early corn and it looks good. The later corn is looking great as well; no rolling and twisting up as we typically see for this time of year. The beans are taking off and looking great. We will have to keep an eye out for weeds with all this moisture this time of year. More rain next week in the forecast for us. Stay safe everyone.

It was a very hot week for us; thankfully we did have rainfall. All of our fields had rain. The total ranged from 0.7 inches to 1.7 inches. That’s a great rain to give the crops that much-needed moisture in the hot weather. The corn is shooting ears and looks pretty good at the moment. Beans are looking great and are knee high. The weather outlook calls for more hot, humid days next week, so I hope we will get more rain. Stay safe, everyone.

We had rain this week. Some fields had over an inch while others only received 0.4 inches. The early corn really needed the rain as it is in the pollination stage. The later corn is really growing fast, too. Beans are looking good as well. We have been blessed with rain each week, I hope it keeps it up. The outlook is for hot and humid temperatures, so that rain will be needed. Stay safe everyone.

We had some much-needed rainfall in our area. Some parts had about an inch while others received around 0.4 inches. The wheat harvest is well under way and sounds like the yields are good. Lots of straw is being baled right behind the combine. Corn and beans are really looking good. I hope the rainfall continues so that crops will do well in the heat. Stay safe, everyone.

It was another hot and dry week for us with no rain. The corn is starting to twist up, showing signs of needing moisture. Beans have all come up OK but they need some moisture as well. Lots of hay is being put up since we haven't had any rain. The wheat crop is turning fast and looks like some fields around us will be ready to cut by next week. Stay safe, everyone.

It was a hot, dry week for us. Lots of hay is being cut around here. Corn is really growing fast - our early planted corn is more than waist high. All the soybeans are up and they look great. I also planted some sunflowers this year and they are looking great. I spread dry fertilizer on them this past week and it gave them a great boost. Sunday morning (June 14) we had an unexpected thunderstorm which brought much-needed rain for the crops. Stay safe, everyone.

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