Weather is the main topic of conversation. Everybody is about done. They just need a couple of clear days, and we haven’t been getting that. We haven’t had any good drying days. We’re about 90 percent done. We’re looking to shell a couple hundred acres today (Monday, Nov. 12).

It’s been wet and foggy. The weather has slowed us down. We were down for four days, and it’s starting to frustrate us. We were close to being done. We just need a few days. We are probably 99 percent done with corn and 90 percent done with soybeans. Looking at the weather, I think it’s going to dry out. We may be able to wrap things up by the weekend (Nov. 11).

We’re finally resuming bean harvest. We just about have the corn harvest wrapped up. We had a little bit of bean lodging, with plants lying down, but yields are still holding. We had a rain delay this weekend, and there was supposed to be some early this week, but if we could miss this rain, we could be all but done by the end of the week.

We’re fighting stalk quality. It’s not horrendous; it’s not down. We’re not having to slow down, but we need to get it as quickly as possible. We’re doing both corn and beans at the moment. The frost was a bit spotty. We didn’t get that hard, killing frost where we’re cutting beans. But we’re still fighting some green stem. Beans are getting better by the day. We’re about 65 percent finished with everything.

We’ve had traces of rain every couple of days, but we’ve managed to get in some cutting and shelling. We’re right at 50 percent done with both beans and corn. Yields are still holding up. There have been some standability issues in the area, though we haven’t had any problems. We’re hoping to get some corn and beans out of the ground this week.

We had some spotty rains over the past week that knocked us off for a day or two. We would prefer to keep going and not have these rains of two- or three-tenths of an inch. We’re about a third done with our corn. Soybeans are maybe 5 to 10 percent finished. Yields are holding up. I’m pleasantly surprised. I expected them to fall off, so I’m happy about that.

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