The week ending Sept. 20 was a cool, dry week which has pushed harvest closer. We had neighbors harvest corn and soybeans in the area. Corn was testing 21-28%. The soybeans harvested afforded winter wheat planting. We finally got the permit for our bin; they are pouring concrete on Tuesday! We will try corn on Friday and soybeans are at least a week away. Soybean seed size looks good, most likely due to the early September rains. We took delivery of our new strip-till bar and are excited to get it out in the field. We see the upcoming weeks to be mild and dry enabling a great start to harvest. We wanted to thank Nat Williams for the farm safety story on the front page of Illinois Farmer Today Sept. 5 issue on my encounter with a motorcyclist who drove underneath my sprayer unharmed. Reminding all to stay safe and alert during the 2020 harvest!