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Harvest is in full swing around our area. We shelled corn Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Sept. 17-19). Moisture was 19-20% and our yields were good. You can see the effects of a poor stand in places. We will get to some beans sometime this week. I have been hearing about some pretty good yields for 

Harvest has started slowly around here. We are going to start Thursday or Friday. There have been a handful of people shelling corn all last week. I'm hearing it was running from 24 to 30% moisture. And some really got yields. It's going to get very busy this week with some beans being cut and a lot more people shelling corn

We could use a rain for our beans; we had some chances last week, but got next to nothing. A lot of people are checking corn and finding it in the low 30s. Tobacco harvest continues and is going well. We look to have a great crop.

We had 0.2 inches of rainfall this week. Local crop reports came out in our county and where we are located looks to be the better yields across the county. The crops do look good for us. The early corn is turning quickly. There are some beans that the neighbors have that will be cut this weekend. Things will start happening in the next couple of week for us. Stay safe, everyone.

Not much to report. South of us 30 to 50 miles they have shelled a little corn. I'm hearing 30 to 40%. I think we are two weeks away. We could really use a rain on our beans to fill all the pods. Tobacco harvest continues and is going well.

We got our week of warm dry weather. Everything is looking good. We have some rain in the forecast for later this week I just hope we don't get hurricane rain. Tobacco harvest is going great and will continue on this week.

It’s hard to believe you would ever ask for hot dry weather in August, but it would actually be good. Fungicide application is pretty much complete around here. Everything really looks great. We will start tobacco harvest this week. We should have a good crop all around. I believe our poor stand this spring in our early corn could hold it back a little bit, but we'll see.

There are reports of southern rust moving into southern Illinois. We are going to have fungicide on our later planted corn. We got it on all of our beans that were ready. We got more rain this week and the month of August is calling for cooler temperatures and more rain. We are going to top more tobacco.