Finally got started planting no-till and cover crop ground Saturday. It seems to be a little drier in those fields. We got three- to six-tenths of rain Saturday night into Sunday morning. We are back looking for places to work. More rain is in the forecast, and markets are responding positively to that news. Went to Evansville, Ind., on Sunday and 25% of the fields have been no-tilled in the past few days. Have a great week.

Progress is being made this week — instead of receiving inches of rain, we are receiving tenths. I traveled to Indianapolis Saturday for a graduation and saw three planters north of Evansville, Ind., but that was short-lived as we returned home Saturday evening to pouring rain. Just got off the phone with a friend from Mississippi who said they received 6 to 14 inches. It was 45 degrees this morning at 5 a.m. Warmer temperatures are coming and less rain this week. Enjoy mowing your lawn.

This weather watcher job is really easy — every Monday morning is a repeat. We had a little over 3 inches of rain this week, with the same forecasted for the following week. The rumor around here is that there are a few neighbors flying beans on with a helicopter. The other activities that I am hearing is people calling their crop insurance agents getting their prevent plant figures. The June 5 deadline is quickly approaching with the wet conditions we are dealing with today plus the fut…

Last week, Tuesday and part of Wednesday allowed a few planters to row only on the best drained and tiled fields. Wednesday evening through Friday we received anywhere from 2½ to 5½ inches of rain. The temperature Sunday morning was a chilly 41 degrees. The wheat crop is showing strains of excessive moisture and cloudy days. The long-term ag forecast looks to be a little warming but not much drier. The weather forecast is beginning to get the attention of a few marketers. 

Last week we had 1 to 2 inches of rain, depending on what county you live in. Once again, we are two to three days away from going to the field, and the forecast is calling for 2 inches of rain this week. We are all concerned about the weather, but it doesn’t look like the corn market is. People are scrambling to get the last application of nitrogen and Harmony on the wheat.

Just days away from going to the field, and we received 2.7 inches of rain Thursday through Sunday (April 11-14). It was 35 degrees the morning of April 15, along with a heavy frost. A little planting occurred last week southeast of Carmi in the sandy ground. Few planters were rolling in Gallatin County. There is heavy rain forecasted for Thursday, which means planting for April will be elusive. Hope everyone has a blessed week celebrating our risen savior Jesus Christ. 

White and Hamilton counties have escaped much of the rain that was forecasted over the weekend. We ended up with some light showers all totaling less than a half inch. There is nothing going on in the field except getting Harmony on the wheat. Very few sprayers are running putting chemicals down. Our prayers go out to the folks in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. You don’t have to look far to see someone worse off than you. We’re planning on a warmer week; looks like we will be able to do so…

Williams grows yellow corn, white corn, soybeans, grain sorghum and wheat on several hundred acres in White County in southeastern Illinois. About three-fourths of his acreage is in no-till. Williams is a transplant to this spot, after the family farm in Jefferson County was flooded in the 1960s as part of the construction of Rend Lake.

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