Rain in our area was spotty, even though the year totals don't show it. Planting went well with timely rains, but when the corn needed it we were short. Yields were decent but not any record breakers here. Now we need a better price. Tile ran only a short amount of time. Fields remained clean as our chemical program worked this year. Will see about next year. Let's hope that we see a solution to the trade problems and get things moving. Keep on the state and federal elected officials to …

No fieldwork this week due to early snow at the beginning of the week. Thursday we received over 8 inches and more coming tonight (Nov. 16). Good time to do some year-end tax planning. If you haven't been shown the new tax plan, you are in for a surprise for the good. I can't explain it here. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Things are at a standstill here. The ground is wet, so no fieldwork unless there is some crop still out. Time to get records in order to see how the new tax laws will affect you. Happy Thanksgiving early.

Soil temps finally got cool enough for NH3 application, but now we are too wet. This has been a slow week with the rains, which are just enough to keep it wet. For the first time in a couple years, we will be able to help at the Shrine Circus in Springfield. Usually we are applying gas. Be safe!

As far as harvest goes, things are about done. We are applying fall chemicals and fertilizer. Application of NH3 will be held off until we see a colder forecast. Use the 4R system to avoid fall application being more restricted 

Harvest is wrapping up in the area. You still see some scattered fields. Some things noted were that fungicide on both corn and beans paid this year. Also, areas where we added some additional N paid off. We should have started harvest before Labor Day, as the corn was plenty dry. Beans have actually held their moisture instead of getting to single digits. Hold off on the NH3 until the ground is at the right temps. Be safe

We have received a couple inches of rain during the week, with another four-tenths Sunday evening. The ground is wet. No bean cutting last week but some were into corn. Very little tillage is done. After a little road trip over the weekend, I see there is quite a bit of crop left in the field. Corn is not holding up well with the wind and weather. These high yields can turn to low with a good wind, from what I have seen. Be safe.

We finished corn and bean harvest the first of the week. In our area, around 75 percent is out. Yields have varied according to where we received rain. Our area was short at times this summer. Many of the elevators are full and looking for places for grain. This is the first time I have seen beans on the ground. Got fertilizer prices, and they seem to be up over last year, surprise, surprise. It would be nice if expenses didn't always exceed or meet income. The Sunday rains will give a m…

Jon Freeman and his wife, Sue, farm with their son and daughter-in-law in the Jacksonville-Woodson area of Morgan County. They grow corn and beans, strip-tilling on a mix of superior and more marginal land. They also own a seed company, handling forages, turf seed, native grasses and forbs f…

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