Here are a few drink recipes for New Year’s Eve and the rest of the year. If you can’t find Stumpy’s brands, substitute what is locally available.

Gin Punch

1 bottle Eighth Gin

1 2-liter bottle of Fresca

Garnish with fresh lemons, limes and oranges

Red Nose Punch

1 bottle Unbroken peach vodka

15 oz. sweet and sour mix

40 oz. cranberry juice

1 liter Sprite

Garnish with limes and fresh cranberries

Pecan Pie Float

1.5 oz. Old Monroe Pecan Pie whiskey

1.5 oz. RumChata

4 oz. root beer

Moscow Mule

1.5 oz. Unbroken vodka

4 oz. ginger beer

Fresh squeezed lemon and lime