Kevin Thole checks on combine

Kevin Thole checks on combine efficiency. Thole said growing conditions were near perfect this year.

FILLMORE, Ill. — It is difficult to imagine better growing and harvest conditions here. Kevin Thole hopes it all leads to good yields.

Thole began harvest on his Montgomery County farm around mid-September with a few acres of corn.

“We switched over to beans pretty quickly, because they got ready pretty fast,” he said. “When we started, they were at 13.2 percent (moisture), so we were right on the money. By the time we get done, they’ll be a little drier.”

Mother Nature was very cooperative in his West Southwest district.

“We got exceptional weather throughout the whole year,” Thole said. “We got very timely rains. Everything is excellent. We had that little dry spell before planting. But once we got through that, it’s been about perfect.”

Thole added that he saw a bit of disease in his late-planted corn, but not enough to raise concerns.

Nat Williams is Southern Illinois field editor, writing for Illinois Farmer Today, Iowa Farmer Today and Missouri Farmer Today.