Russell Ramsey shells corn

Russell Ramsey shells corn on his Effingham County farm.

ALTAMONT, Ill. — Russell Ramsey is making history. At least on this farm.

“It’s one for the record books, in my opinion,” Ramsey said while shelling corn in a field on his Effingham County farm.

His East Southeast Illinois harvest began around the third week of September, then he got sidelined by rain. But the precipitation — while delaying harvest — boosted the crops.

“We had 4 inches of rain, and that put us back a while,” he said. “Then we had 2 more inches. But corn and beans are excellent. We’ve never had yields like this before. The rains made the difference.”

Ramsey finished up soybeans in late September. The heavy rains that arrived late in the season pushed them down a bit, but there were no major problems.

“Beans were great,” he said. “When we got that 4-inch rain, they lodged. They were all lying down, and we had some trouble getting them. It was slow going. But everything turned out well.”

Nat Williams is Southern Illinois field editor, writing for Illinois Farmer Today, Iowa Farmer Today and Missouri Farmer Today.