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Letter to the Editor: Milk supply management works for Canada

Letter to the Editor: Milk supply management works for Canada

We are truly saddened and yes, angry, when we see how our USDA, our milk boards, our secretary of agriculture, our dairy co-ops, our professional dairy organizations, our Farm Bureau and our President Trump would solve this oversupply of milk. What is the solution? Free trade! Get bigger! Tighten your belt! Maintain a positive attitude or get out!

And this isn’t the worst. They are trying their best to bust the Canadian system of dairy — a supply management dairy system in which each farmer follows a quota on their farm, thus supplying the needed milk for the consumer at a reasonable price and maintaining a fair, sustainable price for the farmer. Makes good sense to us, and no subsidy needs to be paid by the government.

We did see a glimmer of hope by reading that a group of Wisconsin Farmers Union farmers and leaders were traveling to Washington, D.C., to meet with a Canadian group to discuss such a plan. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of these groups could work together with the Farmers Union, instead of trying to tear down a Canadian system that seems to be working?

We are losing too many family dairy farms — something like 500 each year in Wisconsin.

How many more dairy farmers must either quit, go bankrupt or commit suicide before our people who have political power use it wisely to help the family dairy farmer — working with the Farmers Union and other such groups to have a truly sustainable system.

Donald and Anita Nelson, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

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