Questions to ask President Trump:

Why were trade sanctions put on before the election?

Was it no common sense or just not giving a damn?

Why were trade sanctions put on before the fall harvest knowing it would depress prices?

Why not April 2019 to put sanctions on, giving several more months to negotiate before the first of March 2020?

Farmers would have had grain sold, payments made and negotiations made with bankers and landlords before all the disruption.

Shutting down the government didn’t do anything except slow down the information going out to county offices.

After all is said, is Trump the Chump or is it “we don’t care if the farmer is in the dump?”

Hi-ho the dairy-o the Farmer in the Dell where everything has gone to Hell.

Oh, what a chump, when we voted for old Trump, now the farmer is in the dump.

They don’t care about the farmer, just play him for a chump.

Now Mr. Trump puts up a squall when he can’t get his wall.

What about the farmers that are up against the wall?

No one knows their plight nor can they get on the presidential jet for a flight.

Oh, the Farmer in the Dell, no matter if it’s a Republican or a Democrat, the farmer can go to Hell.

And Ocasio-Cortez says we are not green because our cattle are obscene.

Steve Pfeiffer

Nodaway, Iowa