Illinois 8-14-day forecast

The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center sees an increased chance that the rest of March will be both colder and wetter than normal, the Illinois State Climatologist reported.

"So far, March has been cooler and drier than normal," reported State Climatologist Jim Angel. "The statewide average temperature was 36.8 degrees, which is about a degree below normal, while the statewide average precipitation was 1 inch, about 70 percent of normal."

The NWS predicts colder, wetter conditions across the Midwest in the second half of March.

This spring in Illinois, the state climatologist said:

April: The southern third of Illinois has an increased chance of being warmer and wetter than normal. There are no strong climate signals for the rest of the state.

April-Jjune: Illinois and much of the Midwest likely will see an increased chance of being both warmer and wetter than normal. That would be pretty much in line with the conditions seen in previous April-June periods.

Seven out of the past eight April-June periods have been warmer than normal; six out of eight have been wetter than normal.

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Illlinois State Climatologist comments on the forecast