Details for UNVERFERTH % TRILIX - Ad from 2020-11-14

Deliver your Investment
Quickly andSafely

Bulk Box Carrier

Deliver your seed investment quickly and safely
during the narrow planting window with a patented
self-filling Seed Runner® or Seed Pro® seed tender!
The exclusively designed rubber conveyor belt
features U-shaped cleats that are offset and integrally
molded into the belt for unmatched durability.

After countless hours of research and testing, it was
proven that the U-shaped cleats increased carrying
capacity while the offset design protected the seed
as it moved through the conveyor tube. Bottom line,
you’ll protect your investment and fill your planter
faster with an Unverferth seed tender!

See how the Seed Runner bulk tank tender and Seed Pro bulk box carrier can protect your investment
and make planting more efficient by visiting or your nearest dealer today.

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