Between all the flooding and all the heat we somehow ended up with a pretty decent harvest. I think the corn did amazingly well. There was quite a bit of a disparity between fields. We had some that were disappointing and some that were "wow." For corn our average yield was probably 190 to 195 bu. per acre. For soybeans we were probably in the upper 50s. It was interesting.

A lot of guys are wrapped up with harvest. I haven't seen much anhydrous going on fields at all. I don't usually put any on in the fall, but a lot of guys do. We’re also starting to see cows being turned out onto cornstalks and some stalks being baled.

The harvest is kind of winding down. There are still a few acres of corn out there and guys trying to get it done. Some dry fertilizer is going onto fields. I have seen a few anhydrous tanks, but not very many.

We had a good week. We finished with the beans and got rolling pretty good with the corn. We got quite a bit done last week. We didn't really see many quality issues in our beans. Yields varied. We had a couple of fields at 45 bushels an acre and a couple in the mid-60s. I would guess our average was about 55 to 60 bushels.

Last week was another busy harvest week. We went through a lot of the beans. Guys are wrapping up the bean harvest. Some guys are close to done with corn. I haven't had any bean quality issues on my farm other than one load that looked like it might have a little mold. The local elevator said they have seen some bean quality issues.

We ran corn for about two days last week and then eventually switched over to beans. Things have been running well since then. There is some variation in yield, and there are guys working around wet spots, but most guys are happy to see the sunshine and to be out in the field harvesting.

We ran the combine for a while Saturday night (Oct. 13). We didn't get very much done. I think that as of Monday we have run a day or so on corn and a half day on soybeans. We're just really getting started. Hopefully the forecast will hold and we'll get in the field this week.

It rained most of the week. We harvested just a little bit. We ran corn one day last week. I guess the good news is that we still have plenty of other work to keep us busy and eventually it is bound to stop raining.

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