It was another interesting year, kind of like 2018. It seemed like spring and fall just kind of ran into each other. Overall, I'm feeling happy with our yields. The crop did pretty well considering the year we had. Corn is all over the board, but we had a lot in the 200 to 230 bushel range. Beans were down a bit, maybe in the 55 to 60 bushel range. Harvest is still going for some guys.

Most of the snow that fell last week finally melted. We are done, but I helped a neighbor finish corn last week. The temperature has come back up and we're hoping it stays warm enough to do a little chiseling and to apply some anhydrous. It all depends on the weather.

We got all our corn picked except for a few spots that we left until the ground is good and frozen because they were muddy. We had about one day to do some chiseling and anhydrous before the ground froze. I guess it is just another messed up fall. We had about 3 inches of snow on Monday. It's definitely an interesting year.

Things are going pretty good. We're putting a pretty good dent in the corn harvest right now. There aren't many beans left in the fields around here and most guys are going hard on the corn. Ours is coming out at about 17-18% moisture. Hopefully we'll finish up soon.

Last week we actually got five days in a row to cut soybeans. We got done with our beans after running pretty hard for those five days. The earlier beans definitely did better than the later beans. I would guess that only about a quarter of the beans are still in the field in our county. The corn is still a little wet and we had rain over the weekend, but guys will be trying to get going soon.

We ran for two days last week before the rains came. We had about an inch and a half of rain. We really just have a good start on the soybeans. The yields are in the 55 to 65 bushel range.

I don't think we did any harvesting last week. We had close to 5 inches of rain all told and nobody was in the field. Hopefully we'll get in the field this week. We're hoping to dabble in a little corn if the rain holds off.

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