There’s a little bit of work going on out here. Some anhydrous going on. I suspect by tomorrow things will be in pretty good shape, but we are just waiting for the next rain again on Wednesday (April 17). We don’t have any oats up yet — maybe next week. We are supposed to get fairly warm tomorrow, and they are just below the surface.

On our own farm, we got some oats put in. We are going to have about 40 acres of oats to combine. With the warm weather, I would imagine they germinated and maybe they’ll be peeking out soon. I was at the co-op and they did start some anhydrous Saturday (April 6), but the rain Sunday morning stopped that.

Dan Voss and his son Brian farm on the land where Dan grew up in Palo. Dan has run strip-till corn for more than 20 years and no-till drills soybeans. He is involved in the Conservation Stewardship Program. Brian, who teaches in Marion, has farmed with his dad for three years and has some of his own land.

We are in full-blown harvest now. We are done messing around. We decided to go after some corn, and it’s pretty good corn out there in most places. All in all, I think this will be one of our best harvests we’ve had yield wise. We finally found some corn that was in the 18 percent moisture range. We found quite a bit of downed corn in the fields. We got a lot of hay made in the past week. We’ve been staying busy.

A lot of combines are going everywhere now. Even the elevators were open on the weekend, so we were cutting beans. The beans are what we thought they would be. The first 80 we cut were about 73, 74 average, so things look pretty good. We are taking the opportunity to make as much hay as we can. We have had 10 days without rain, so we have good field conditions to mow, and we are hitting it hard right now.

It’s dry finally. We talked about how we wanted rain, and it finally started, then it rained for two weeks. We were about ready to build the Ark, and now we have blue sky and sunshine, so we are happy. There’s a lot of beans that look like they are ready to go as soon as the ground dries up. I think if the weather holds like they are talking, we can be cutting some beans on the weekend. We will have the combine out and in the field on Friday anyway. We are just fixing equipment and getti…

It’s wet here. We have had about 3 inches of rain this week. We’ve combined some beans, and there was some early corn taken out. It was about 25 percent moisture. That’s about the only harvest thing I’ve heard so far. Those storms that came through this week, if you didn’t have beans blown over before, they are blown over now. There’s going to be some lodging issues with the beans, and we are hoping they will pop back up when they lose their leaves. There’s just an ever so slight bit of …

We are sitting pretty good. We have some early beans turning around here, but the later beans might have caught a break because we’ve had an inch and a half total rain in the last week. The lawns have greened up, and if the corn wasn’t black, we are getting some benefit out of it. Life is pretty good right now in my world.

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