My wife’s grandma passed away last Sunday and we had a small burial service, so that consumed most of last week. We got all the fungicide on that we were going to put on now. The planes were out in full force last week working on that. We got a little bit of rain (Aug. 2) around noon but it was pretty spotty. We’ve gone about two weeks since a good rain, but observationally crops look OK. Plants can be stressed before they show it visually too. Corn had plenty of moisture through pollina…

We got some of our corn sprayed with fungicide. We are only doing half of our acres, focusing on more susceptible varieties. Everything else was looking pretty good. Some of our ground in Clinton County got an inch of rain (Sunday), so that was a bonus because they missed the rain a week ago. We had some ash trees die on a couple of our properties. I’m pretty optimistic about the crop. Weed control seems to be pretty solid and plenty of heat and timely rains.

We got all of our beans sprayed with fungicide and we are still waiting on some pressure from corn to make any decisions. We don’t just spray all the corn automatically – mostly on a case by case basis. It’s been drier but with a little rain some stuff started to pop up. We’ve seen some spots, but not a lot of development on disease.

We had really heavy wind (Saturday night) for 10-15 minutes and I don’t know how much rain we got that night. We didn’t have crop damage, but I heard a couple of guys say they had enough they were going to report it. We started talking about fungicide last week and we’ll probably start applying it later this week depending on weather. We’ve seen pretty much everything tasseled over the weekend. This is a good time to get some rain.

We didn’t get a drop of rain last week and it doesn’t look too promising this week. We are in good shape right now, but this heat is going to be hard on pollination. I pulled a tassel out last night of the top of the corn. You can’t see the tassel yet, but it’s close. The sweet corn is already tasseling, but they are short season. We sprayed the sweet corn for earworms this morning again. If you don’t want earworms you have to spray every three or four days. We had a good time with a fam…

It looks like another warm one this week. We are probably going to be wishing we could get a rain – I would take one right now – by the end of the week. We got our bins cleaned out the middle of last week so we are on equipment maintenance. I’m grateful to not be baling hay right now. This would be a rough week to do that. I hope people are being safe and taking breaks when they need it.

There’s been a lot of growth, especially in corn. It’s probably grown a foot or more this week. Beans are really starting to fill in now. We are still working on cleaning out bins and once we get done with that we will start equipment maintenance. We’ve kind of hit the summer slowdown.

Things have looked pretty good actually. We weren’t desperately dry or anything, but it had been a week and a half since we got any rain. We got a pretty good rain Sunday night and (Monday) it’s been raining pretty much all morning. We probably couldn’t have ordered it a whole lot better actually. We are reaching canopy on corn and beans are almost there in most places. From what I hear corn on corn is looking a little rougher this year.

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