There was a lot done out here last week. Most of the beans are gone and a lot of corn went out. The corn I did was 17.5 to 19.5% moisture, so not real dry but there’s wetter corn than that around. Yields are pretty good, but probably 10-20 bushels less than a year ago. I measured after snow Sunday night where I live and I came up with about 5.5 inches. It will take care of corn harvest for a couple of days.

We are going to start combining corn again this week. I’ve got some done, but last week was not a great week. We got some corn done until it snowed. Last Monday was the last really good day and there hasn’t been many beans done since then. I hope everyone stays calm, patient and safe. It’s not worth an accident or worse. We might get some stuff done this week. I’ve heard of some issues with LP gas.

There wasn’t a lot done last week until Thursday or Friday. Soybeans were combined and a lot of people got that done over the weekend. Soybean yields in the area are around a 40-70 bushel range. The corn is not as dry as we’d like, and I’ve heard there’s not a real big separation in maturities for moisture. From 103-day to 111-day, it might be 2.5 points. There’s a ton of corn to do.

I’m pretty happy with the yields I had. My beans were mostly full season, but they are on the upper-range of yields. A lot of beans were combined in our area, but it’s hard to say how close we are to done. I would say we are at the last quarter. Not much corn taken out. I talked to a guy Saturday who had some 106-day corn that was under 20%. If we have more days like last Friday, we’ll take a point out per day.

We got back from a trip Sunday afternoon. Talking to some neighbors, it looks like there were some soybeans combined late Saturday, but Sunday was much better. They were running just over 13%, and most people seem pleased with their yields. It sounds like fungicide applications paid off this year. Not much going on on the corn front. Someone had 103-day corn at 21.5% moisture.

Not a lot has happened. I have a friend who combined some corn Friday, but not a lot because he said he needed to get more in his dryer to start it up. We had about 3½ inches of rain since we talked last. The good thing is we didn’t have any wind with it. I went up to Eldora the other day, and not a lot is done. Still a lot of seed corn to pick. Sounds like we might get a frost at the end of the week.

There’s a few beans combined. What I’ve heard, you can go about upper 40s to over 60 (bushels per acre), so a broad range. We’ll probably see a really broad range in corn. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a good week this week. I know there are some guys trying to chop.

There have been about three different operators combining soybeans. I heard 53 bushels per acre on one. I would say that’s probably fairly respectable for early-maturing beans this year. I’m sure once it dries out there will be a lot of beans ready to go. My seed dealer said they had some 100-day corn that was just black layered. Hopefully we keep the frost away for another month.

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