We're dry. I've got one tile line still running but the rest are dry. The cool, pleasant weather this week should help. Right now the corn is not hurting yet, but it wouldn't take much for that to happen. But the most important news in our area last week was that our softball team won the state tournament.

Things are starting to get dry around here. We've been getting rains so far but they are mostly small rains. The crops are still generally looking good, but we could use a rain. We are getting fungicides sprayed and we may add an insecticide on the beans. We haven't seen many aphids yet but I have seen Japanese beetles.

Things are moving along. We're starting to spray fungicides on the soybeans. The corn is a little uneven, but not bad. Most of the corn is tasseled. We're not seeing a lot of foliage disease yet. We're starting to get a little dry, but we're not suffering yet.

Things are coming along pretty good. We're getting more and more tassels in the corn and you can tell the earlier season varieties. The beans are looking pretty good and are getting some height to them. We got some rain last week but it was spotty. We had a half inch on one side of our farm and a half a tenth on the other side.

With all the heat, the corn is really jumping. I did see a tassel (Monday), just one. By the end of the week we’ll be tasseling pretty well across different fields. My beans are closed in the row – I have 15-inch rows – and they’ve been flowering for a couple weeks. There’s still a few bean fields that are getting finished up spraying in the area. We are just kind of sitting back and letting the crop grow.

Things are going good right now. The beans are coming along nicely and the 15-inch rows are nearly closed in. I've got a little touch-up spraying to do. We've had several small rains this past week, just enough to keep things wet.

We had plenty of rain. On Friday (June 19) we had about an inch and on Sunday night into Monday morning we got about 3.3 inches at our house, although the amounts varied quite a bit around the area. There was also some wind. The corn is looking really good. There are still some beans that need to be sprayed because it was windy quite a few days last week.

The crops are really growing pretty well now. A lot of corn is closing the row and the beans are at the B4 stage. We have good soil moisture, especially after getting anywhere from about two and a quarter inches of rain to over three and a half inches of rain on our fields last week. We're hoping to finish spraying beans this week.

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