We had a wetter week last week. I think we had 3-4 inches of rain in the neighborhood here. It slowed picking seed corn down, and we finally got going again this weekend. We are getting equipment ready and servicing stuff. This coming week or early next week there will be some early beans coming out. Beans are changing pretty quick here.

I’m doing some projects before pulling the combine out of the shed and getting other things ready. They just started seed corn up here over the weekend. I haven’t heard any yields yet but they are going full force today and will be doing that for the foreseeable future. I just started having some beans turn — my early varieties. Once we get around to the end of the month, we might have some beans ready.

We are kind of doing the same thing. I have a seed guy doing estimates in my field. They are pretty wide-ranging from what I’ve been hearing, running from 180-250 is what he’s been finding. Bean pod counts are a little bit on the disappointing side it sounds like. There’s still some disease moving through the area, and reports of some tar spot. Hopefully that doesn’t become too prevalent

Last week I was able to finish sweeping out the bins. Got the beans all hauled and got that done for the year. We’ve been dry enough that I was able to actually do a little tile work. Those small projects are occupying time right now. The crop looks good, even though the rain has been on the light side lately. On my way to Des Moines I saw some bean fields that might have some more disease, but haven’t seen much turning yet.

We really didn’t do a lot last week. Had some board meetings and went to the State Fair. Crop-wise things progressed and things look good. We got about an inch of rain Saturday night and moderate temperatures today with a possibility of a shot of rain tonight. We couldn’t really ask for a better August so far.

It was a good week last week, weather wise — pretty moderate conditions. Crops look good. We are doing a lot of scouting of soybeans. We did not pull the trigger on that, as insect infestations haven’t gotten to the level that require it. Fungicide on corn is wrapping up now, but there are reports of gray leaf spot, especially spots that didn’t get treated. With damper, cool conditions, I suppose we are going to see more disease.

Things are good. Last week we got that rain on Sunday night and once things dried up we were able to spray some fungicide on beans. A lot of those going on last week. There’s talk of a few areas of Japanese beetle populations increasing and thistle caterpillar hotspots in the area. We emptied a couple of corn bins, so we got those swept out. Hopefully we get some rain this afternoon, but unfortunately there may be some wind.

Like last week, we’ve been hauling both corn and soybeans. We have a lot of planes spraying fungicide on corn in my area. Things look really good. Last week cooled down from the prior week in time for pollination. We hit our stride for that last week. We did get some rain (Sunday night), which was great to get. Beans are finally coming along. I don’t know if we are going to close 30-inch rows up this year, but we are finally putting some height on.

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