We finished spraying beans on Wednesday (July 29). We aren’t dry yet, but if we don’t get rain here in another couple of weeks, we could start to use a drink. Some guys are getting some third-crop hay made in the area. Everything seems pretty healthy so far.  It’s getting to be the time of year to get the shed cleaned out and go through each piece one-by-one (ahead of harvest).

Saturday morning we got a shot of rain. Corn is pretty much all tasseled, and the stuff that blew over is starting to come back up. It wasn’t blown over too bad. I haven’t seen any pests out there, and not seeing much disease-wise yet. We are starting to spray the beans with fungicide (Monday).

Saturday afternoon we got about an inch of rain at home and then we had some fairly strong winds. You can kind of tell different hybrids are standing better than others. Overall, ours is OK still. We are all done spraying and getting the last of the corn moved out. Once that’s done we’ll be out of corn. We’ve been working on an acreage we bought and I’ve been chipping away at that a little bit.

We got some pretty good corn growing weather and it’s nice and hot. It sure looks like a couple of fields here and there where that leaf is sticking out. I don’t know if it will be quite (tasseling) this week, but it’s right there. All the heat we are getting, it’s about a leaf every two days popping out. It’s growing fast. Everything seems a touch shorter this year than normal.

We did some more spraying June 25 since it finally dried out. We got rain again today and we probably have an easy day of it left to be done, but the weather has been windy. We’ll take the rain when we can get it. I think we got an inch Thursday night. My grandpa always said ‘never wish the rain away,’ because you don’t know when it will stop.

Everything is really greening up more and more and the corn is stretching out. It’s looking really good. The rain was pretty scattered on Friday but this morning (June 22) I dumped out 1.7 inches at home. It was starting to get a little dry before the shower. Now we have good moisture to hold us over for a while. Last week we did some bean spraying. I don’t know if we’ll get a whole lot done this week.

Last week we finished up sidedressing, then we got the nice tropical storm. We got about three inches at our place. We didn’t need quite that much rain but I don’t think it washed out anything too major. We haven’t done a whole lot this week. We will start post-spraying beans today and get a good chunk of that done this week. The corn is really growing.

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