Overall we are happy with yields considering the extremely wet conditions pretty much all growing season. It was probably the wettest spring and fall that I’ve seen in my farming career. Trade concerns, no farm bill and low margins are making decisions for next year harder. The uncertainty in the market place is hard to risk-manage. But we’re thankful for a good crop and always look forward to another growing season with optimism.

We had a good week of harvest. It was wet, then the ground froze up. Corn harvest is still going for some. We hope to finish early Thanksgiving week. Lots of tillage and manure hauling needs to be done yet. Reports of 4 to 5 inches of frost may have shut down tillage for the year unless we get rain or much warmer temperatures.

Wet start to the week. Got back to combining Thursday (Nov. 8). Ground conditions were wet, and now the ground is frozen. Some guys are done harvesting. Lots of tillage fertilizer application and manure hauling to be done yet.

We had a good harvest week until Saturday (Nov. 3) when it started to rain. We had 1.5 inches as of Sunday. We are wet again — a familiar story for 2018. Soybean harvest is pretty well complete. Yields were not as good as expected. Corn harvest is moving along, and the later planted corn is not yielding like the earlier planted corn. Fields that suffered nitrogen loss and didn’t have a fungicide application have yields substantially less than the well-managed fields.

We had a dry week other than a light shower this morning (Oct. 28). Lots of beans combined as well as corn. Ground conditions are getting better. Some broken off corn from wind today, not bad though. Our corn yields are impressive considering the wet growing season.

A drier week. Some rain Friday (Oct. 19) made things damp again. We combined Tuesday through Thursday and started Saturday again. Have to pick well-drained fields, and it’s still really wet in some fields. Guys were combining beans Thursday and then Saturday and today (Oct. 22).

It’s wet. We had rain through Tuesday and Wednesday (Oct. 9-10) of 2 to 3 inches. Some who had corn to chop were back in the fields Thursday. Some guys combined corn Friday. We combined Saturday and then light rain and snow Sunday put a halt to things. Forecast looks dry this week. Over my area, harvest is barely getting a good start.

Another wet week. Anywhere from 3.5 to almost 5 inches of rain for the week. It’s raining right now (Oct. 7). We combined corn Thursday and field conditions were very wet. There are guys who have corn to chop yet. Manure pits are getting full and there are not much for options to go with the manure. I don’t know when we will get back in the field. Hopefully the forecast changes soon.

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