Last week we had a good week. We got the beans done and started spraying post-emerge products on corn. We were able to wrap one job up and start on the next job. My goal is to do some spraying and do some side dressing of some nitrogen. We are also trying to move some corn to the ethanol plant.

We are planting beans this morning (June 3). We just got going again Saturday and I hope to finish planting soybeans today. I saw more co-ops out spraying again on Saturday — the ground got firm enough for that. Really, we look like we are in good shape other than a forecast rain overnight, but I don’t know if we are going to get a lot.

I’m thinking this whole week (May 24-31) inside work will get done, whether that’s in the office or in the shop. We’ve just had a couple of days we could work this past week. I finally got moved over to beans on May 23, then it started raining overnight. A lot of guys I’ve talked to have finally been able to get close to wrapping up at least their corn and getting closer on their beans. There’s still quite a bit to be done.

Sun’s shining right now. Last week was a good week — it’s been the best week so far. Got a lot of corn planted and soybeans also. I didn’t get done, but some neighbors put in quite a few hours and wrapped up. We accomplished quite a bit and it was overdue. Monday and Tuesday things finally got dry enough with the temperatures and sun. Then Friday and Saturday we didn’t get as much rain locally as anticipated.

I’m trying to get something done today (May 13) while we have a window here. Last week was kind of a bust for the most part. We just watched it rain and waited for it to dry up again. Being so cold, it didn’t want to dry up very fast. This week looks much better. When we get into the weekend, there’s some chances of rain for us, but it looks like the best window we’ve had. We have to make hay while the sun shines.

I didn’t get back in the field until Friday (May 3) and that was to spray my corn herbicide, and Saturday was more of my bean herbicides. There was some planting in the neighborhood Sunday — some, not a lot. I worked up some ground Sunday anticipating I would be able to plant a little bit, but the rain came up too fast, so I didn’t get anything planted.

I did get some corn planted last week. We did that Wednesday (April 24), Thursday and then Friday we waited because of the forecast rain coming Saturday. I still have rocks to pick up and waterways I’m trying to get finished. We’ve got rain chances Wednesday night (May 1) and Thursday (May 2), so it’s not going to get much of an opportunity to dry. It will be into the weekend for sure, I would guess.

Last week I was busy spraying my nitrogen on. I also did some other waterway work and things like that since it was dry and I could get it done. I didn’t plant any, I’m going to wait until after (Monday’s) rain to plant. A few guys in the neighborhood have started. The first planter I saw was planting beans last Wednesday (April 17). Friday, Saturday more guys got going on corn, but most guys will hit it hard this week.

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