Things are looking pretty good. The corn is coming along nicely with the heat wave we've had. I would think more of it will start tasseling this week. It's been hot, but we have sufficient subsoil moisture. Beans have come a long way in the past week. We finished spraying beans Friday afternoon (July 12). Some are putting up hay in our area.

We had 4.5 inches of rain last week. The crop is coming along nicely. The corn fields are starting to even out, and the beans are starting to get some size, but they are still quite a bit smaller than they should be. They are less than 10 inches high and starting to flower in places. We usually get 65-bushel beans around here, but at this rate, we might be happy with 50.

We've had a pretty nice growing week. We did have 1.5 inches of rain Thursday (June 27), and near Rock Valley they had 4.5. The corn is really growing quickly and turning dark green. We are seeing the uneven spots starting to even out, now that we have some hot weather.

We had 0.3 inches of rain Friday (June 21) and 0.75 inches Saturday into Sunday, but we were able to spray four days earlier in the week. The hot weather really helped the corn — it had been pretty uneven and yellow. With the hot weather in the forecast this week, it should catch up even more. The beans are behind but at least you can see them from the road now.

We had a dry week last week. There were a few corn fields that were replanted because of poor emergence. There is still some bottom ground that isn't planted, but those fields may not get dry enough to plant this year. Most of the area got about a half-inch of rain Saturday evening. The forecast is for another wet week. Sprayers are running hard trying to beat the weather.

We have one field left that still has standing water, so we are probably going to go with prevent plant on that. We are trying to decide if we will need to replant a field that got washed out pretty well with 4 inches of rain. Corn is emerging, but some of the fields have a lot of crust. We also have a lot of yellow spots from standing water.

It rained Memorial Day and again for the next couple of days. We had about 4.5 inches for the week. We were able to finish up corn last weekend, and hope to start soybeans tomorrow (Tuesday). We still have some puddles in the fields. Most of the corn around here is planted, but hardly any beans have been planted, maybe around 5%.

We've probably had 1.5 inches of rain this week. Some got out Monday (May 20) and planted corn. I was able to plant 200 acres before it started raining. I still have a full day of corn planting left, and I haven't started on beans. I don't think anyone has planted beans yet. Hopefully it will dry up and we can get back in the field soon.

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