It was a battle this year, but we ended up with a good crop. We started planting April 30, which is about a week or so later than normal. We started harvest Sept. 25, which is early for us, and didn't finish up until Nov. 15, about a week later than normal. We had a total of 36.7 inches of rain from March 25 to Nov. 15. We had 10.2 inches of rain in June alone, 5.5 inches in August and 8.5 inches in September. Thankfully the crop was able to grow well. Most soybean fields averaged betwee…

It's been good weather to harvest. We finished up with corn Nov. 15. I think more guys will be finishing up soon. Everyone is running pretty hard at the moment. I would say we are close to 85 to 90 percent done in this area. We are finally able to get some manure hauled. The weather sounds pretty good for that.

Mother Nature keeps throwing us curve balls. We had 0.4 inches of rain Monday (Nov. 5), ran Wednesday and Thursday, and then Thursday night we got about an inch of snow. It covered all the stalks, and we didn't get back in the field until late Saturday afternoon. I would say the area is 70 percent done with corn. There are still a lot of big fields yet to harvest.

It's a mess again up here. We've had about 1.3 inches of rain since Saturday (Nov. 3). The first half of the week was pretty good, with folks hitting beans hard and some harvesting corn. Beans are pretty much done, but corn is all over the board, from folks done to some just starting. I would say corn is about 50 percent done. Stalk quality continues to be an issue.

We had a good week. We finished up beans and went to corn. I would say soybeans are 95 percent done in our area, and folks are going hard on corn now. A lot of corn stalks are being baled. This is the longest dry spell we've had for a while, so everyone is taking advantage of it and working as long as they can.

We started Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 16) on corn and then switched to beans Wednesday and have been going on beans since. A lot of soybeans have come out this week. There aren't a lot popping out, which is surprising considering the moisture. We are hoping to finish up beans soon and start going hard on corn.

We had rain and drizzle every day, with about 3 inches for the week. Then we had 2 inches of snow Sunday, and there is just water everywhere. We didn't even turn on a motor last week. We're very concerned with the beans. They are swelling up in the pod and could start cracking. They've picked up a lot of moisture with all this rain.

We had a tough week. It drizzled Monday and Tuesday, and we were able to get in the field Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 3). Then the cold front came through and we had 60 mph winds for an hour, and that did a number on the corn. So, we will have to fight through that now. We started combining again Saturday morning, but it was very muddy.

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