There are still some guys chopping silage, and many started on ear corn or high-moisture corn. We are seeing some bad stalks in some areas. We got a good start on beans Tuesday and Wednesday (Oct. 8-9). Yields seem to be about 10 bushels less than average. We had a rain/snow mix Thursday morning through Friday night, but some were back in the corn by Saturday afternoon.

We had another wet week here. We had 4.25 inches of rain for the week. Silage chopping is winding down. There has not been much progress on the bean harvest. Most will be trying to combine beans with snow in the forecast for later this week. Early bean yield reports are pretty close to average for our area.

There have been a few beans harvested around here. We haven't gotten started yet. The choppers are still rolling up here, and one guy combined some high-moisture corn. If it stays warm and dry this week, I think we will see a lot more harvest progress. I haven't talked to anyone who has harvested beans, but word is yields are 10 to 15% below last year.

Silage harvest continues in Northwest Iowa. Some have stopped because the corn was too wet. Yield reports I have heard are in the 160 to 210 range. It looks like some early beans may be ready to harvest this week or next if it stays dry, but the majority have a few weeks yet. We had a few very light rain showers over the week.

We had about 1.1 inches of rain for the week. We are seeing some beans start to turn, and a lot of silage choppers are rolling up here. Most of the beans are probably three to four weeks away yet. I have heard some silage yields in the 210 to 250 range, and that is better than most expected. That gives us some hope that yields will be good despite a late start to planting.

It's raining at the moment (Monday morning), but we’ve had a dry couple of weeks so we can use some moisture. I have seen some yellow leaves in some bean fields, but I've heard there are issues with white mold and SDS, so I'm not sure if it's that or just maturation. The silage choppers are starting to go around here. Corn is moving along pretty well, too.

We are looking pretty good. Everything is maturing more slowly because of the cooler weather. We are usually chopping silage about this time, and it's going to be at least two weeks before anyone does that, so we are definitely behind. I'm hearing bean pod counts are pretty good, but I do have some concerns over the beans we planted late, that we may have some yield drag.

Not a lot of change. We had a couple of tenths of rain this morning, but not seeing much change with the cool temps. I was in one early-planted shorter season corn field this week that was fairly well-dented. Some of those are starting to mature. The later-planted and later varieties are in early dough stage at best.

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