The bean spraying should be about done by the end of the week. A few guys are applying a burndown to their prevent plant acres before they seed. The corn is starting to show a little bit of stress with the heat. We could use a nice rain. Things are starting to tassel.

Things are progressing. The corn and beans are growing. There is still some spraying going on, but guys should finish the corn spraying soon. There is still some prevent-planting ground that needs to be seeded. Guys are also working on the second cutting of hay.

Guys are spraying the corn and the beans. Some are flying nitrogen on cornfields. We're finally getting some heat, and that should help. There was some hail down south of Chariton near Humeston not long ago, so guys are dealing with that. Some hay is being baled.

We're a little wet right now. Guys got some corn sprayed and some top-dressing done last week, but then we had quite a bit of rain over the weekend, anywhere from 2 to 3.75 inches over several days. A lot of guys still need to get their prevented-planting acres seeded to protect it.

The planting is finally wrapped up around here. We're working on spraying. I guess you would say we're entering that middle pattern of the season where the planting is done and you are working on all the post-planting stuff. Some guys will be top-dressing some nitrogen this week.

It was a good week. A lot of guys were planting corn and beans in the area. Hopefully that will be wrapped up by the end of the week. This really has been a spring where the progress is all over the board. You've got some guys who were done long ago and others who are just getting a good start. There are guys doing beans and others still doing corn, and there are guys re-doing corn or beans.

Nothing happened here last week. It was just too wet. Right now planting progress and crop progress is all over the board. The alfalfa is blooming and if we can get a good forecast guys will want to get that first cutting of hay done soon.

We haven't turned a wheel all week. After the rains that stared on Thursday (May 23) we've got water standing in a lot of fields. We need some dry weather and sunshine. There's not much to say other than that.

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