The weather has been pretty darn nice. The rains have been spotty but we have been catching them. We had about 0.6 inches last Thursday and another 1.5 inches over the weekend. We are busy working cattle and doing maintenance. Things look pretty good around here.

We got a touch of rain Sunday and it was cool Monday morning, so we are working some cattle. So far this summer we haven't gotten a lot of rain but we seem to be getting really timely rains. The crops look good. We got over 100 acres of hay put up last week and we worked a few calves.

We got 1.4 inches of rain midweek last week and had some very light rain another time or two. We got some hay baled between the rains. Right now I would consider us fortunate as far as rain goes. I would say about 90 percent of the corn is tasseled. It looks pretty good.

We started on the second cutting of hay a couple weeks ago. So far it is very light. Probably about 90 percent of the corn has tasseled. Things look very good around here. A good inch of rain would be welcome, but other than that the crops are doing well.

We’ve been super busy putting up hay. We are just about done with all of our first cutting and baling some pastures. I did cut some second cutting of alfalfa on Friday and it was very light. We think it was a combination of leaf hoppers and the wet weather. The crop looks fantastic. I was driving by one field the other day in a tractor and I thought I could see a couple of tassels shooting up, but just one or two.

Things are growing. It seems like there is a ton of spraying going on right now. We had rain, but it dried out fairly well this past week. I seeded some cover crops on a little field this week. Otherwise we are mostly doing some cow chores.

We will probably harvest some wheat this week. There is also good re-growth on the alfalfa after the first cutting. I also hope to get some spraying done yet. The crops look pretty good, although there could be a problem with wet spots that don't come back in some fields because we had a lot of rain the last few weeks.

Things look good. We mowed and baled about 40 acres of oats last week. On Friday (June 19) we got about 0.9 inches of rain and we had another inch Monday morning. Those were welcome rains. They gave us a good excuse to get out of the field and do some livestock.

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