We are spraying replant corn. We had one field that got planted during the May 16 timeframe and it looked tough. Dad made the decision last week to replant it. We are done planting soybeans. We are doing a little more replant today (June 10), then we should be all done with “No-Fit ’19.” Any normal ideas you’ve had this year, throw them out the window and start fresh.

We are working on putting a soybean plot in. We haven’t done much of anything the past week other than today (June 3). The corn planted ahead of the big weather event is up. It doesn’t look very pretty, but it’s up. Our cover crops are still our saving grace in a lot of areas. A lot of guys are out moving today.

It’s more like a five-day weekend from planting (over Memorial Day). We haven’t turned a wheel since last Thursday (May 16). We’ve been out looking and scouting. The soil is so saturated, if you walk across the field it sounds like you are wearing a pair of old, wet sneakers. I think farming for the month of May has been canceled. We aren’t planning on doing anything the rest of the week.

The week was one for the record books. Wednesday we were able to get back in field doing burndown on cover crops, then Thursday we got back to planting corn and soybeans. We’re almost done with corn, a third of the way done on soybeans. I was amazed at the number of guys who planted early beans. Except for what was planted in the last week and a half, everything’s emerged and looking good considering the weather we've had. On Thursday evening I got rained out at quarter to 10, and after …

I kind of told you what we were going to do last week, and that’s what we did, and didn’t do much else. I went out and planted the first field of soybeans while Dad planted corn and haven’t done much otherwise. The temperatures will be a lot better this week. The big unknown is if we will get rain Tuesday night or not. I’m hoping to do some burndown on cover crop acres with rye growing on it. If we miss the Tuesday rain, we’ll push hard planting.

I’m driving through the field unfolding my sprayer as we talk. I got 35 acres of a field that didn’t get sprayed Sunday that is going to be sprayed today. We had a little bit of a window Sunday to get something done, so we planted and sprayed a little corn. We are looking for fields and windows and doing what one can do.

From Saturday morning until now, we got an inch and a quarter, inch and a half of rain. The finish line is in sight with corn. A few guys finished up corn Thursday afternoon, Friday morning (April 25, 26). A few guys said they were going to head strong into soybeans, and the same amount decided to wait for this week’s system to roll through. I would say Thursday (May 2), if we don’t get any more rain, we’ll get back into ground that has cover crop on it.

That snowball I talked about last week is getting bigger. We are a quarter of the way into corn planting season. A few guys are finishing up planting oats and alfalfa, we are still seeing guys doing anhydrous and a lot are finishing up with that. There’s a few guys that are going to finish planting corn, and a few start to plant soybeans. We haven’t seen or heard about anyone planting soybeans yet.

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