Overall it was a very good year. We started out with our spring behind, and it seemed like it went from winter to summer. Once spring finally did come, we got a tremendous amount of work done — started planting and basically did not quit until we were done. The crop went in the ground in the best conditions I’ve seen for a long time. And then we went through June and we didn’t have much of any moisture, and it looked like the crop was going to suffer. We had a wind event that flattened a…

We’ve been spreading dry fertilizer and putting lime on. We got our organic soybeans cut, and the yield was good. We were happy with them. There's still a few people around here picking corn. Hopefully in another week it'll be wrapped up a bit. The ground is just now getting thawed out to put some anhydrous on, so the conditions aren't perfect by any means.

Last week it was pretty wet. We weren’t able to do a whole heck of a lot in the fields. Some people were combining corn, but it was plenty muddy. Activity is starting to pick up. We are applying anhydrous ammonia and spreading dry fertilizer at work. People are finishing up corn, and I’d say in another week or two we should have all the crops picked, around here anyway.

Most of the corn and soybeans are harvested in this area. Some people are still getting the remainder of their corn out, but I would say soybeans are wrapped up for the most part. Dry fertilizer along with anhydrous ammonia applications were in order. We put on a lot of custom applied ammonia, but didn’t have any growers pulling their own applicator yet. Sunday we received about 1.5 inches of rain which will halt progress for a while. Last week we also did some fall spraying to help cont…

It was a beautiful week and a little windy. A lot of headway got made last week with crop getting taken out. I’d say the majority of corn and beans are out. We put on quite a bit of dry fertilizer. Fall tillage is happening. I heard of some soybeans that weren’t in good shape. A lot of rain kind of rotted them in their pods, but haven’t heard anything about corn. We just had a lot of downed corn in this area, but yields seem to be excellent, both corn and beans.

Harvest is in full swing and things are happening. We finally got back in the field last week and a lot of crop is getting taken out. Corn, beans, everything. Corn, I’d say we are three-fourths done, maybe a bit more. Beans we are approaching 50 percent. It’s plenty wet in places and we are still making tracks, but everything is going good. We are doing some CRP burndown at work this week and we are starting to apply drag fertilizer, doing applications for cover crops.

It’s still plenty wet. I combined some corn Sunday (Oct. 14) and I was surprised how well it went, but it was plenty soft in places. I’m planning on getting after it again today. I’ve got about 40 acres of corn left. I haven’t cut any beans yet, but this week we aren’t supposed to get moisture, and I hope by the end of the week we can do some beans. It’s not supposed to be overly sunny, and it looks like there will be clouds some of the days, so we’ll see what happens.

It’s awfully wet down here. It started raining last Thursday (Oct. 4). We had about 3 inches. I would say for corn we are maybe a third to half done. Beans, we are less than a fourth done. A lot of people haven’t started combining beans yet. It is muddy, and the attitude is pretty negative around here. It looks like the rain will quit Wednesday or Thursday (Oct. 10-11), but this weekend will be pushing it to get back in the field. I’m afraid from here on out we’ll be making tracks wherev…

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