We got about 80% of our anhydrous put on. A lot of people are scrambling to get that job done. If we don’t see any rain, we’ll be planting some corn here by the end of the week. It’s like a snowball rolling down the hill, it’s slowly picking up speed. The ground’s just been so different this spring. Gravel roads have soft spots in them, and the ground is just now getting dry.

We seeded some oats for another neighbor a week ago. Guys are getting anxious to get started putting anhydrous on. We are in the early stages of trying to plant some corn. One person planted a full field of corn on Friday (April 5). They are normally the first to get going. If we can miss the big rain event this weekend, I would say guys would get going by then. The ground temperature Sunday was 54 degrees.

Jackson is a sixth-generation family farmer in Mahaska County near Oskaloosa. He raises corn and soybeans, and works with his wife, father and uncle. He is a part of the Mahaska County Farm Bureau board of directors, and on the Young Farmer Advisory committee. 

A lot of people down this way are combining corn. There are a few folks I saw out harvesting. We have quite a bit of lodged corn, so people have corn rails on and it’s pretty slow going. I combined 30 acres this weekend of lodged corn, and I was pretty happy with the yield. I just did a little over 200, but I was happy with that for what it went through.

A few people have started picking corn, mainly on the river bottoms where the river was going to come and take it. The river did come out — we got too much rain. We got some nasty winds too, so we have quite a bit of downed corn in this area in places. Once the ground conditions dry up, I would assume a lot of people will be starting to combine. The moisture on the corn is plenty wet yet. It’s pretty wet in the fields, but I think a few people will start combining today.

We had a nasty storm where we got 3 to 4 inches of rain and had quite a bit of wind. That made the beans about half as high as what they were. We have some corn lodged down around these parts. We got too much rain. Quite a few tree limbs down. We are thinking in two weeks we’ll probably see some action out in the fields.

A lot of people are talking about harvesting corn in a week or two and getting started. We got moisture now, it might be too late, but some of the bean fields are starting to turn.

It rained. It started raining Sunday night (Aug. 19) and Monday morning, and it actually amounted to something. A lot of people got three-quarters of an inch, I think. A lot of the corn on the thinner ground is dried up and doesn’t look very good, but the rain will help us on the bean side. People are starting to chatter about harvest.

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