We are just about ready to roll finally. Unfortunately, the rain kept most farmers out of the field again last week. Some are picking corn and throwing them into bins to dry them down. Beans are probably just about dry enough. Sunshine, wind and fair weather look to be in the forecast over the next few days. Dad has the old N-5 combine out to anticipate running two machines for the bean harvest.

Again, we received some rain that we didn't need. At home we had 1.2 inches. I drove back from Ames over the weekend and didn't see any harvested fields until south of Interstate 80 around Shelby. There are still people waiting to chop, but it may be getting too late. I haven't heard any yields yet. Hopefully farmers will be able to get something done before the possibility of snow later this week.

We had rain again this week with 1.5 inches, but north near Minden and Atlantic we heard reports of 5-plus inches. Some chopping was able to be done early in the week. The custom chopper for our neighbors said a lot of what he has chopped has had poor stands and partially fallen over, probably due to bugs. It will be another week before we can get started, but there a lot of folks got rolling last week.

Rain, rain, rain this weekend. We had 1.6 inches at home, and I heard totals of 3 to 4 inches from Council Bluffs to Atlantic. Definitely not a good sign for those trying to chop silage or harvest a September crop for delivery. I haven't heard about what anything that has been picked looks like yet, but the heat last week should have helped the corn and beans move to the final stage.

The crop is starting to come along. The corn has some promise, but it's tough to tell right now with the beans. An early frost would be a catastrophe. The late-planted beans are looking pretty good, but again, everything depends on when we get a frost. I have not heard of much silage chopped in our area.

Corn is in the denting stage. We are starting to see beans turn. Silage season is in its beginning stages. I'd imagine it would be hard for farmers to determine what to chop because of how sporadic a planting season we had this year. We also saw some nice rains this last week, which helped the crops that are in the final reproductive stages. Just here at home we had 1.6 inches. The third cutting of alfalfa was tremendous as well.

We had another good shot of rain this week — only 0.3 inches here, but we will take it. We've got some good looking ears of corn that are starting to dent. There were reports of SDS last week in Montgomery County, and now we are starting to see it here in Mills County as well. Hopefully other farmers don't see the effect of this, but it is unlikely with how wet a winter and spring we've had here.

We had some really nice rains. The beans look a lot better just from the rain. It’s kind of the same as last week — people are waiting and some were trying to bale some hay last week, but other than that, there’s not a ton going on. I think people are getting antsy servicing their combines. That’s what we’ve been doing.

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