We had about 0.75 inches of rain last week. My dad is actually going out to finish planting corn on my uncle's farm today (Monday). A lot of people were in the field last week, but it sounds like more rain is coming today and tomorrow. Some soybeans have been planted. I did hear of a farmer who has to replant some corn, but a lot of corn has also emerged over the past week.

We got a little bit of planting done early in the week, but it started raining Tuesday (May 7) and not much got done after that. We had 2.7 inches of rain for the week as of this morning. There were a lot of people planting and some spraying before it started raining. Everyone is at a standstill, but hopefully we will get back to it this week.

We started planting Sunday and will really get going today (Monday). We've had customers picking up seed this morning, so there is a lot going on. We only had 0.3 inches of rain last week, so we could use some. The storm last night stayed south of us. Both corn and beans are being planted, but I'd say more are working on corn now.

There was a lot of field work around here last week. We are finished up with anhydrous and there is some dry fertilizer going on. A lot of people were actually planting beans last week instead of corn. We had a half inch of rain Saturday morning. It was much needed as the ground was getting pretty hard. If we get started this week, we will start with corn.

Anhydrous is going on hard now. I've seen some planters out between here and Pottawattamie County. The guys planting around here are putting beans in the ground. We didn't get much more than a few sprinkles at home this morning (Monday). The ground is getting a little tough, so a good soaker would be helpful.

We are waiting for some dry fertilizer, but there is a lot of anhydrous going on at the moment. I did see a couple corn planters ready to go and have heard they are going to try it today (Monday). We only had 0.3 inches of rain last week, but things are still a little sticky, at least where we live. We have rain in the forecast, so we may only have a couple dry days this week.

There isn't a lot to report. I have seen some anhydrous tanks out, and I did see someone picking beans over the weekend south of here. With the flooding, you see a lot of different things. Sand is going to be an issue. It's finally dry enough to haul grain, and lot of people were doing that.

Kruse is part of a three-generation farming family near Silver City in Mills County. The family raises pork for Niman Ranch, has a commercial cow herd and grows corn and soybeans. She also works full-time at First National Bank.

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