We had a very challenging year with the weather. We were unable to start planting until May 11. We had a lot of flooding in our county along the Missouri River, so a lot of people were unable to plant a crop this year. We had some weed issues. I think the wet weather and the lateness of the crop might have affected how the chemicals worked. We had plenty of moisture throughout the year, although there were pockets of dry weather to the north of us. Fortunately, we did not have many issue…

It sounds like many farmers have been able to finish up harvest and if not are very close. We are officially finished with harvest, but will continue helping neighbors until everyone is wrapped up. Lines at the elevators are starting to slow down. From what I've heard, farmers are happy with yields. I've seen some anhydrous tanks out. We could use some moisture at this point.

I'm hearing that some are finishing up harvest. The dry weather and sense of urgency (because of last year) has definitely kept the ball rolling for everyone. Again, the lines at the elevator have been bad. The unwanted snow overnight will most likely keep everyone out of the field at least today and tomorrow, until it warms up. I hope everyone is continuing to be safe out there.

There are still quite a few beans out there, but the fair weather last week hopefully helped farmers knock them out. The biggest problem seems to be finding space for trucks. Lines at the elevators have been a few hours long at times. It looks like the weather should be pretty nice this week again. I've heard some great corn yields — in the 260s on good soil.

Beans are being hit pretty hard, with quite a few finishing up last week and over the weekend. I've heard some decent yields, with mid-40s seeming to be the average. Given the short year, it's better than nothing. I have heard of producers near Bedford and Clarinda who haven't been in the field yet. Best of luck to everyone as we hit November and with a few chances of snow.

We had a week without saturating rain, and late in the week conditions were good for picking corn and beans. Most corn is still in the 20% moisture range. My dad was combining in standing water in a couple places here at home. Our beans were too wet to pick early in the week, but the winds and sunshine really dried them down.

We are just about ready to roll finally. Unfortunately, the rain kept most farmers out of the field again last week. Some are picking corn and throwing them into bins to dry them down. Beans are probably just about dry enough. Sunshine, wind and fair weather look to be in the forecast over the next few days. Dad has the old N-5 combine out to anticipate running two machines for the bean harvest.

Again, we received some rain that we didn't need. At home we had 1.2 inches. I drove back from Ames over the weekend and didn't see any harvested fields until south of Interstate 80 around Shelby. There are still people waiting to chop, but it may be getting too late. I haven't heard any yields yet. Hopefully farmers will be able to get something done before the possibility of snow later this week.

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