Earlier in the week we went hard on beans and finished up the early-planted beans. We had over 3 inches of rain late this past week and hope to be back at it soon. Some guys have switched to corn. I've seen a video of an excavator pulling out a combine Saturday. Some were trying beans again Sunday.

We got started Saturday, then got rained out. We harvested about 70 acres of beans, with yields from nothing to really good. Our average is just under 60. We just had 0.3 inches of rain, so we may be able to get back in the field today (Monday). Some high-moisture corn has been harvested, but I haven't heard any yields yet.

Silage chopping is in full swing in our area, but working around rain. We were able to chop Saturday, but ended up with another inch of rain Sunday. The tons per acre yields are lower than normal. No one in the area has started harvesting yet.

We had 3 inches of rain for the week. We have not been able to chop silage because the guy with the chopper is working around wet fields. If it stays dry, we will be trying beans by the end of the week. We have 400 acres, and once we get those, we will have to wait on the rest. These beans were planted before corn. The corn is coming along and is maturing.

It's drizzling this morning (Monday), but we'll take it. We just had under a half-inch of rain last week, so we can use the moisture. Hopefully we will be chopping silage the end of this week — just waiting on the chopper. Beans are starting to turn. We have 400 acres that we will probably be getting to in 10 days to two weeks. The corn is really coming along. We are all in hurry-up-and-wait mode.

Things look pretty good around here. Pastures are starting to slow down, but we still have green grass. Soybeans are starting to turn in spots, especially the early planted beans. We hope to start chopping silage in 10 to 14 days. We're getting ready to put some rye down for cover crops, and plan about 260 acres of that. We are extremely blessed in this part of the country.

I heard a report just north of me about 20 miles that they are seeing some more caterpillars coming in. We are not. We are still looking pretty good around here. Our early-planted beans are starting to turn. Things are just kind of moving right along.

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