We finally caught some rain, including 0.7 inches Saturday. The corn looks really good yet, but some places in the area are showing stress. The cooler weather recently has helped quite a bit. Soybeans are still setting pods, but they look good. Most of the insecticide spraying is done in our area, and I think all the fungicide has been sprayed as well. We are just in waiting mode now.

We finally caught a good shower Sunday night, with around a half-inch of rain here. We really needed it. North of here they didn’t get any rain, and it’s really dry. A couple planes have been out spraying fungicide. Thistle caterpillars have been a big problem lately, and some farmers are addressing that. When there is no humidity, the corn is really looking stressed out.

We are very dry here – just rained enough to dampen the sidewalk this morning (Monday). We are really starting to see drought stress with the corn. It looks okay for as dry as it’s been, but if we don’t get some rain this week, we’ll be in trouble. Soybeans look okay yet, and they are setting pods. I would say 75% of the corn is pollinated, with 50% of the silks brown.

It’s really starting to get dry – we missed all the rain last week. The crops still look pretty good considering how dry it is. The corn is all tasseled, and I’ve seen some rolled leaves in the afternoon. Soybeans look good. They are starting to set pods, so we will probably be spraying fungicide on them soon. I think some are still spraying fungicide on corn.

It has been hot and dry here. Despite that, everything looks pretty good. We are spraying corn fungicide this morning (Monday). We usually spray ahead of tasseling, and the corn should start tasseling this weekend. Beans look really good. Some hay was cut over the weekend. We aren’t seeing insects in the beans yet. We are seeing some corn rootworm beetles, but that’s primarily in the fields where we plant corn on corn.

The half-inch of rain we got June 22 is helping us through the week. We have scouted for insects but there isn’t much out there yet. Mostly we are fighting buttonweed and waterhemp that didn’t die the first time. It’s been a good week for growing crops, but we are needing some rain. We should be spraying fungicide in another week or so.

It was super hot and windy last week from about Monday through Thursday, and then we got three-tenths of an inch of rain Thursday and that helped us get through the week. Crops still look very good. Corn is V8 to V10, and some of the soybeans are starting to bloom. We got a shot of rain this morning (Monday) which helps, too. We are about two weeks away from fungicide time.

Things look pretty good here, but we will see how they look after the hot and windy week ahead of us. The rye has been chopped and corn planted into it. Most of the corn has canopied, and the bean spraying is pretty much done in the area. We did get close to an inch of rain last week, which was very nice. Soybeans are still in that slow growing stage. The plants look good, but they haven’t taken off yet.

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