Everything looks great. We got our second cutting of hay up and all our beans sprayed last week. A lot of the corn has tasseled, and we are even seeing some of the later-planted corn tasseling. The quality of hay in this cutting was really good, with a nice mix of alfalfa and grass. We do have some places that were drowned out, so hopefully they bounce back.

Things are moving along quickly. We had a shot of rain on the 4th and 1.4 inches ahead of that. There was some wind in the southern part of the county as well. The early planted beans are starting to close rows, but I would say 50% of the beans are behind. The sprayers have been running hard around here, and I would say they will catch a lot of beans today (Monday).

The corn is growing like crazy, but the beans are still tough. I had some surgery Tuesday and got back out on the farm today (June 28), and I can't believe how much the crop has grown since then. We are finally getting back to spraying some of the early planted beans. The rain had been keeping us out.

We had 3.5 inches of rain Monday and into Tuesday (June 17-18), and 5 inches by the end of the week. The crops look fabulous. We had replanted some ponds and had just finished them when it rained and filled them up again, but that's farming. It looks to me like everyone has planted their fields, although there are a couple I'm not sure about. There is a lot of hay on the ground around here.

Things are looking really good around here. The beans we planted last were up in five to six days. We got another 0.75 inches of rain on Sunday, and the soil soaked it up pretty quickly.

We finished up with beans, and we were able to get our rye chopped and baled. All of our first-cutting hay is cut and baled. There was a lot of progress made last week with the nicer weather. For the most part, everyone is done planting around here. Crops are growing fast, and we could actually use a little shower soon.

I can finish up beans today (Monday) if all goes well. We waited on the ground to dry up as much as we could yesterday before starting with beans at about 7 Sunday night. We had wet weather again last week, with spotty showers nearly every day. We had to open up fields with a cultivator to help dry enough to work them.

We had 1.4 inches of rain last night (May 23) and have not been in the field all week. We have had a little over 4 inches of rain this week. I would say corn is three-fourths done or better, and beans are probably half done around here. We have standing water again, so we are just sitting around and hoping we get some dry weather.

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