We had a pretty good year. We started planting April 18 or 19, and our last corn was planted May 12. Harvest was long this year, lasting nearly two months before we finished up Nov. 13. There was a lot of rain in the area, but we were sort of in a sweet spot where we got rain but not the heavy rains. We had 29.5 inches of rain from the start of planting until now. Other than a three-week dry spell in July, we had pretty timely rains. Soybean yields were a little below the last two years,…

We wrapped up corn Nov. 13, and a bunch more people are finishing up as well. You can definitely see the end. A little bit of anhydrous has been applied, but it's been pretty cold. We could get a lot more done if it would warm up. We've been frozen up pretty well the last week. It warms up during the day, but gets cold again at night.

We are getting close to the end. We probably have two days of corn left to do, and a lot of other guys are getting close. I would say half are all done and another 30 percent should be done by the end of the week. We did get a little bit of snow, but it didn't keep us out long. Less than 5 percent of beans are left. It's a good crop, but I'm not seeing the piles. It makes me think it may not be as good of a crop as most thought it would be.

It's a little damp again, but not too bad. We should get back in the field tomorrow (Tuesday). We are about two-thirds done with corn. We are fighting some of it, and other fields couldn't stand any straighter. It's coming out between 14 and 17 percent. I would say only 2 to 3 percent of the beans are still in the field. I'm sure folks will be finishing up then heading to corn.

We were broke down for four and a half days, so we really didn't get much done until Sunday night (Oct. 28). Most went hard on beans, and there are probably 20 percent left in the field. We are probably a third done now with corn. I would say the vast majority will wrap up beans in the next couple of days, and the rest will be picking corn. A handful are still putting up hay this week.

We had a good week here. We had three or four days of beans. We could get them done today (Monday) or tomorrow. I think a lot of guys are about the same spot. We had 0.3 inches of rain early in the week. It's hard to tell how much exactly, but there are definitely beans on the ground that have popped out of the pods. Seemed to trim the yield a bit.

We had a little snow Sunday, but we plan to pick corn this afternoon (Monday). The ground is tacky but workable. We will do corn until the beans are ready, and when that happens, people are going to be going hard on them. I would say about 20 percent of the beans are harvested around here, and less than that with corn. Hopefully a dry week will move everything along.

We've had light rain pretty steadily over the past couple of days. We have a few fields of corn that are pretty weak, so we jumped around and tried to take care of those last week. I would say 20 percent of the beans have been harvested in our area, and maybe 10 to 15 percent of the corn.

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