We were able to get out to an early start, planting 400 acres of beans in early April. Then after we started on corn, we had to wait out two weeks of rain before getting back in the field. The early planted beans did not yield like we had hoped. We did not see the yield bump we expected. We still managed to finish up planting beans by the end of May, with corn wrapping up around May 8. We had a lot of moisture over the growing season, and were 4 inches above the 10-year average. We didn'…

People have been able to get rolling again between the snow and rain. A few more have wrapped up harvest, but there is still quite a bit of corn out there. Some are doing field work when they can. We are trying to get cattle manure hauled — that's our project at the moment. No one is really running hard — I think they are waiting on things to dry out on their own.

We had probably three-fourths of an inch of snow overnight. Harvest has slowed down quite a bit. The co-ops are shutting down at 6 because of the volume. There is still some corn out there — probably about 80% done. I have only heard of one bean field that has not been harvested. A lot of dirt work is going on, along with tile being put down and some anhydrous applied. We wrapped up corn stalk bales last night (Sunday) just as the snow was starting to fly.

Corn harvest is moving along here. Some co-ops are closing earlier than normal due to drying. Yields are better than expected in areas. A few beans are left, many greater than 5%. Some tillage has been done, but the ground is still wet in areas. NH3 is rolling hard between the rains around here.

Mother Nature is continuing to prove that she is the boss. Harvest is coming along. Beans are probably 75% complete. Guys are saying they're getting tough to combine with the moisture. Corn harvest is really starting to roll. The corn is a lot drier than expected. The tool bars are starting to run around a little as some anhydrous is getting put on. Guys are ripping stalks, and balers are rolling.

We had a really good week. We finished up with beans Thursday, and I would say three-fourths of the beans in our area have been harvested. We had a shower last night and some drizzle this morning (Monday), but as soon as it stops we will probably start working on corn. Soybean yields have been much better on the lighter ground. Some corn is finally starting to come out.

Earlier in the week we went hard on beans and finished up the early-planted beans. We had over 3 inches of rain late this past week and hope to be back at it soon. Some guys have switched to corn. I've seen a video of an excavator pulling out a combine Saturday. Some were trying beans again Sunday.

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