Dave and Rick Eckermann

Dave and Rick Eckermann work together to unload some of their first soybean harvest of the year on Oct. 9 in East Central Iowa.

COSGROVE, Iowa — Early harvest results have been “kind of disappointing,” in Johnson County, according to Cosgrove, Iowa, farmer Dave Eckermann.

“They are just kind of average. Nothing exciting,” he said. “If we could get better than 55 bushels (per acre), that would be good. A lot of times we can get 60. Those beans (on Oct. 9) were about 50, and what I’m doing now is about 55.”

A frost that arrived in Iowa over the weekend of Oct. 12 did not cause much damage to Eckermann’s crop, he said. The weather got rid of a few green leaves left on the corn, but he expects it will take it a little extra time to dry out.

The USDA’s Oct. 15 Crop Progress report showed topsoil and subsoil moisture levels in the district at 57% adequate and 43% surplus.

Eckermann said the corn he and his brother, Rick, have already combined is coming in at 21% moisture. He is planning on some additional cost this fall for drying.

With the slow planting season and subsequent slow start to harvesting, Eckermann said he expects harvest will be going on well into November this year.

“It’s been a little bit slow,” he said. “We planted some corn the first of June, so it’ll probably be November before that’s dry. Of course, it’s almost two weeks until November. I’m sure it will take another month.”

Eckermann said spring weather was one of the major challenges he faced this year. He said some of his ground went underwater three times, and they created ruts they will have to repair after harvest this fall.

With fieldwork still needing to be done, Eckermann said he hopes the rain stays away for a while.

The USDA’s Oct. 15 weekly Crop Progress report indicated 75% of corn mature with 10% of corn harvest for grain in East Central Iowa. Eighty percent of the district’s soybeans were dropping leaves, with 14% of soybeans harvested.

Statewide, 7% of corn had been harvested and 17% of soybeans, compared to the five-year average of 20% of corn harvested and 43% of soybeans.

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