Cab monitor

Editor’s note: The following was written by Ryan Bergman, Iowa State University program coordinator in ag technology, for the university’s Integrated Crop Management News website.

With the 2020 crop season approaching, Iowa State University Extension has a tool available to help farmers, crop advisers and agronomists understand almost every machine display on the market, for everything from planting to harvest.

The interactive monitor guide, available on the Extension website at, offers step-by-step support for managing products, loading and executing variable rate prescription maps, setting up split planter configurations and exporting data.

The guide features drop-down menus for users to choose the operation they are doing — “Harvest,” “Nitrogen,” “Planting” or “Wireless Data Transfer” — and select the brand of their display, the display model and the function they want it to perform.

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While most operators understand how to use their displays well, some of the finer details can be tricky when it comes to utilizing and exporting data. The online guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to operate the display for each brand and model.

If you are a crop adviser who works with multiple displays or a farmer wanting to master your own display, this interactive site can provide the knowledge and reference you need throughout the crop season. The website is updated periodically as manufacturers release software updates and new monitors to their product line.