The recent roll-out of CFAP is not only unfair to many ag producers, but it rewards those who chose not to sell at a profit. The payment applies to grain on hand as of Jan. 15, 2020. Thus, those of us who chose to market at a profit earlier and had no grain on hand will receive no payments. Not only do the poor marketers benefit from this program, they also have the potential to earn more income. If the price of corn goes to $4, for example, not only do these producers keep the government payment, but they also benefit from a higher price.

This CFAP implementation is costing me tens of thousands of dollars of potential income. Should we not require the repayment of CFAP if prices rise? In law, what’s happening is called “unjust enrichment,” which is when one group of people benefits to the detriment of another group. Congress should move quickly to fix this problem.

Bill Furlong

Iowa City, Iowa