There was a time when we didn’t have these “deer-vehicle crashes,” and there was no “deer hunting” going on at that time. Since that time, our state officials and bureaucrats have purposely managed the deer to high populations to satisfy hunters (who want plenty of targets), and state departments and officials (that want money from resident and out of state hunting licenses). This is causing deer-vehicle crashes, motorcyclists killed and injured, crop damage, higher insurance rates, and that army of armed strangers that trespass or shoot into property without permission, but our state lawmakers think it’s all worth the sacrifice to get votes from hunters and money in to the state from the sale of hunting licenses. They keep giving hunters more rights — use of silencers, use of snowmobiles, use of more firepower.

The above dastardly problems and practices will never be fixed by citizens writing nice letters to our elected officials. They represent the places where their election money comes from.

Nowadays, we commonly hear of some organizations that “sue the state” because they don’t like some “laws” that got passed, and “take their case to the Supreme Court.” Some citizens should get organized and do the same, and take this problem and hazard of deer purposely managed at high populations to the judicial system/Supreme Court based upon our right to life and safety on Iowa roads. Our elected lawmakers will only let things get worse to satisfy hunters and to get the money from hunting licenses.

Get wildlife management out of hunters control and get neutral personnel in management positions.

Herman Lenz

Sumner, Iowa