The opinion editorial “Keep energy title and funding in farm bill” by the Agriculture Energy Coalition (Iowa/Missouri/Illinois Farmer Today, May 26) is a perfect example of why passage of a farm bill is almost impossible! Everyone has their hands stuck out like a bunch of kids going trick or treating hollering Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

Now I know little about AEC, but it’s rather apparent this is a group formed for one purpose — lobbying Congress for money to continue their pet projects! And, quite frankly, we can’t continue funding renewable energy programs that don’t and never will compete in a free energy market.

Stripped down to the bare facts, the only renewable that works is grain ethanol! Wind, solar and biomass ethanol will never survive without massive government subsidies going down the proverbial “rat hole!”

Put the farmer back in the farm bill! Wasn’t that the original goal when government decided to “protect” the farmer from catastrophic loss? Eliminate everything except some form of crop insurance, which would reward farmers who practice conservation.

My suggestion: a reduction of 25 percent in crop insurance premiums for every acre no-tilled and an additional 25 percent reduction for every acre protected with a cover crop.

Jerry Crew

Webb, Iowa

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