I’m hoping that if this letter gets printed, it will break this ---- rain season.

I have videos from the mid-late 1990s in which the climate experts predicted our weather would go wild with extreme flooding, rains, heat and climate change.

I talked with a prominent climate person on the phone and I said, “I think the irrigation that’s going on in the western states has affected our climate here in the Midwest and in the eastern states.”

He didn’t agree or disagree, but he added to my belief by telling me about many more “unnatural things” that I believe are affecting our climate. He mentioned steel and asphalt rooftops, cement and blacktop highways, row crops in land that would be in bushes and prairie grass by nature.

These man made/human activities would cause a “warming effect,” especially in big cities. These human activities are not going to stop, but will increase.

The “anti’s” deny that human activity is causing climate change because they don’t want to admit that birth control is necessary.

There was climate change in prehistoric times, but it took thousands of years to go from one extreme to another. It didn’t happen within a short period of time.

Herman Lenz

Sumner, Iowa

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