Iowa is well known for growing many large crops and vast amounts of livestock. We are constantly working to improve our ag technology and improve our farming practices. I’ve even seen newer and fancier machine sheds than the house or dwelling on that building site!

What is sad in rural Iowa is the aging and outdated condition of our county roads and bridges. Also sad is the many closed up businesses and lack of good OB-GYN services in small town rural hospitals. Ever wonder why Iowa is last of the 50 U.S. states in providing OB services in our hospitals?

Maybe Iowa is only “a place to grow old” and not a place to grow a farm family. Is this the message we want to send to the other 49 states?

Perhaps when singer Corey Farly sang about how “You can go from farm yourself,” the word “by” should have been added. If the young people continue to leave rural Iowa we will see more and more old people farming by themselves!

Timothy Nosbisch

New Hampton, Iowa