According to University of Illinois’ Todd Hubbs (IFT, Jan. 18), despite lousy weather and prevented planting across much of the U.S., “corn prices continue to struggle.” On top of that, he projects increases for next year’s U.S. planted acreage of corn and beans — substantially for soybeans — with prices for the next marketing year expected to be 40 cents lower for both crops. Rainforest in Brazil is being burned and bulldozed to grow more corn and soybeans, and this makes price prospects even more bleak.

Do you hear a peep out of the Soybean Association, Iowa Corn Growers or the Farm Bureau? No, because they are responsible for using fake economics and propaganda to saddle us with this ridiculous globalized system. They cheer the

USMCA that really offers nothing for farmers but only increases exports for Smithfield, JBS, Prestage, Cargill, etc. Their only answer has been MFP payments to add to the already unbelievable $1 trillion federal budget deficit.

I guess we’re all supposed to be happy tax-and-spend Democrats and Republicans. We need to recognize that it’s fake economics that says Iowa farmers should grow corn and soybeans at a loss to feed packing companies’ hogs and cattle here and in Mexico. It’s also fake economics that says tax payers (and future taxpayers) should shell out billions to keep the farm economy from totally crashing or get farmers to raise cover crops. Government payments to farmers are not subsidies to farmers; they are subsidies to these meat processors.

Sen. Bernie Sander’s proposed farm policy, based on the parity principle, is the only proposed policy that will restore family farmers’ rightful respect and economic standing. Independent voters and Republican voters, too, should become Democrats for one night and join their neighbors to caucus for Sen. Bernie Sanders Feb. 3.

George Naylor

Churdan, Iowa

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