While I agree with Zippy (“Farm Bureau reflects on 2018 accomplishments for ag” Jan. 5) on most of his comments, the “new” farm bill isn’t one. It is simply “kick the can down the street again” with minor adjustments of the old. The real question is why doesn’t it address the real problem: unchecked subsidies for farmers via crop insurance!

CI is, without a doubt, the only reason farmers participate in the farm program. I, and most taxpayers, would expect something in return for the massive subsidies given to farmers, but Farm Bureau insists farmers can’t be forced to change farming practices.

A simple proposal to reduce crop insurance premiums if the farmer used no-till farming and protection of a cover crop in the 2018 farm bill was soundly defeated because of the intransigence of FB! I am a FB board member of my local FB, but, Zippy, FB is wrong.

Jerry Crew

Webb, IA