As a young pork producer, I am celebrating National Pork Month by sharing why I think pork production is good for Iowa.

First, it provides 141,813 jobs in Iowa. A strong pork industry helps lower the community’s unemployment rate.

The money generated, which in Iowa is $7.5 billion, creates a circle of economic activity — from the local businesses to the schools and libraries. The tax money generated helps support places in my community, like the middle school I attend.

Iowa is known as the Tall Corn State and pork production helps grain farmers meet their goals. One hog consumes 9-10 bushels of corn and 100 pounds of soybean meal. Pork producers help grain farmers by buying their grain and grain farmers help pork producers by growing crops.

Pork producers are proud to put food on plates. Iowa provides one-third of the United States’ pork — about 49 million hogs per year. The rest, $1.1 billion of pork, is exported.

Lastly, I think the pork industry is good for Iowa because it provides opportunities for people of all ages, especially the youth. Educational events, like those supported by Iowa State University, the Iowa Pork Producers Association and the 4-H program, have helped me grow as an individual, in all aspects.

The investments the pork industry is making today will help in the future by creating better leaders, individuals, families and swine farms. I am proud to say: I want this to be a part of my future.

Brady Allan

LeMars, Iowa

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