No one reading this publication needs me to tell them that 2019 was a tough year for many farmers and rural communities. Here in the Midwest, we bore the brunt of an international trade war with China and wondered if we would be pulled out of NAFTA. We were battered by record flooding and saw the biofuels industry hit hard by the Trump Administration’s small refinery waivers to oil companies.

So, this all brings us to 2020. Leadership in the White House with a real understanding of rural America is critical. This is why I am endorsing Amy Klobuchar for President in 2020. 

Sen. Klobuchar has a track record of standing up for farmers. When Amy was first elected to the Senate, her number one ask was to be on the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Amy also recognizes there are unique challenges to living and working in rural America, which is why she wants to expand rural education and health care, including mental health and addiction treatment. Her plan will save rural hospitals by revising Medicare rules, support community health centers and address rural poverty and food insecurity.

Finally, her plan protects the future of rural America. That means supporting conservation efforts and biofuels, rebuilding rural America’s infrastructure, bringing broadband to the communities that need it and investing in clean energy production, including wind and solar.

At the last debate in Des Moines, she gained national attention for speaking directly about the challenges facing our businesses. With the whole country watching, she spoke about what’s happening to us, telling the story of a biofuels plant in Crawfordsville that had closed because of the Trump Administration’s terrible policies on this issue. She knows that there are real people in farm country that are hurting and she has an optimistic economic agenda to turn things around. 

Pam Johnson

Floyd, Iowa