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Letter to the Editor: Vote for a plan to fix the farm market

Letter to the Editor: Vote for a plan to fix the farm market

In 1941, farm prices were all controlled by government, and things we purchased were also controlled with war stamps and coupons. The farm prices were good and farmers made money.

In 1952, under President Eisenhower, the government bought corn and stored it in government bins. The corn was going to waste. In 1960, President Kennedy started a set-aside program. The farmers got paid with corn to leave 35% of their acres unplanted. The corn was used up and farm prices returned to normal.

President George W. Bush brought our country into a depression in 2008. In 2009, President Obama and Vice President Biden saved jobs and farm prices got back in the profit line. When Trump was elected president, he threw out NAFTA and put tariffs on our farm products with China and other countries. We lost our markets with Mexico and Canada.

If Trump would win the next election, he has no plans to fix the farm market. All you farmers who want to stay farming cannot vote for Trump or Joni Ernst. They have no plan to fix the farm market. You must vote for Joe Biden for president and Theresa Greenfield for Senate.

I am now 86 years old and have farmed all those years while serving on government committees. You and I know what Trump does. He lies every day, does not obey laws, and he won’t show his taxes because he cheats. President Trump called our vets suckers and losers. A true Christian would say he’s the work of the devil.

I’m asking you to vote for Joe Biden and Theresa Greenfield to bring some normalcy back to our country. Let’s pray and go to church and let’s all vote. Yes, vote!

Norbert Hackman

Fort Atkinson, Iowa


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