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Green Cover Seed has the know-how for your needs

Green Cover Seed has the know-how for your needs

Green Cover Seed

Green Cover Seed owners Keith Berns (left) and Brian Berns at their warehouse.

Green Cover Seed is operated out of Bladen, Nebraska, and is co-owned and managed by Keith Berns. Their online seed store, sells hundreds of different species, each with their own benefits and uses for enriching a customer's soil, by restoring nutrients for the next growing season.

If it sounds daunting to know which cover seed is the right one for your crop, environment and other geographical factors, you need only consult a guide from their website.

"Some customers already know what they need, most ask us for a quote," Berns said.

There's a wealth of information about how Green Cover Seed works on their YouTube channel, which also features a virtual tour of the Bladen facility.

"They can see for themselves how the seeds grow and effect the soil," Berns said.

Some species have their own built-in fungicide, herbicide and insecticide properties, to keep out intractable weeds and bugs.

In spite of the economic turmoil caused by the infamous pandemic, "for the most part, 2020 has been an okay year" for the development of Berns' business. The volume of seeds that customers requested has decreased from the prior year, but the number of orders have increased.

"We've been seeing lots of return customers, and new customers coming in from word of mouth advertising," Berns said. "People have seen how cover seed has improved their crops, and they are eager to share it with their friends."

While the results of Green Cover Seed may seem revolutionary to the farmers of today, the technology behind Green Cover Seed is nothing new.

"It started over a hundred years ago with our forefathers,” he said. “This was the only way they knew how to replenish the soil. The knowledge they had before has been lost to us now; we've been spoiled by our automation."

When asked what his future plans were for the business, Berns said, "We're looking to expand our outreach, either virtually or in person."

Green Cover Seed has two other locations: one in Kansas and another in Oklahoma.

"We're looking to have an in-person conference at our Kansas location in mid-February. People are hungry for information and human contact," he said. "We are committed to educate as many people as possible about soil health, and provide as many tools and resources as we can."

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